Our Times’ Talu Wang Suddenly Revealed He’s Attached to Singer Joey Chua


Star of the hit romantic comedy-drama “Our Times”, which remains a classic and well-loved film to this day, Talu Wang has stolen hearts since its release (and it seems like he’s stolen a particular heart, but more on that later).

Known for her signature sweet smile, Joey Chua is a beloved Malaysian-Chinese actress, singer, model, and makeup artist.

What do these two have in common? Well, they have both recently revealed that they are dating – each other.

Floating Rumours of a Relationship

This announcement comes as a celebration for many fans who have long suspected that Wang and Chua were in a relationship.

For over a year, both have refused to address dating rumours and have kept coy about it.

But when did this start?

Most grew aware of Chua when she went to compete in the well-known survival show “Youth With You 2” in 2020. There, she garnered lots of attention, love and fans.


While she did not qualify for the finals, she was an audience favourite for her smile.

It was during this show that Chua opened up about her failed marriage with Ivan Soh which ended in divorce. They were married in 2016 and ended their marriage in 2019.

Chua faced backlash and hate from the media surrounding this divorce, something she discussed in the show.

The media, having dug up her past, said she was not fit to be an idol.

In addressing the hate, Chua wrote, “Everyone would say don’t waste your energy. Such a woman who has been divorced and has children can’t be an idol. Firstly, I don’t have children. Secondly, in this world, as long as you are willing to do it, there is nothing that’s impossible. Who set these definitions? In the end, it’s not people who set them. Then why can’t I have a breakthrough? Why can’t I? My courage will help me break down all the impossibilities. Thirdly, the definition of an idol to me is to bring positive energy to fans during their youth, lead them in the right direction.”

After “Youth With You 2”, Chua went on to join a reality blind-dating show “A Journey For Love” in 2021.

“A Journey For Love”, a Chinese reality show for divorced female celebrities to find love again by being set up with potential partners, sets the scene for Wang (who was one of the hosts of the show) and Chua’s first meeting.

And what a first meet it was!

In fact, other hosts on the show repeatedly mentioned how Wang and Chua would be a good match.

Throughout the show, the two maintained what appeared to be a brother-sister relationship with Wang referring to Chua as his “only little sister” and calling himself her “big brother”.

Chua did not end up with anyone at the end of the show’s 12 episodes… or so we thought.

A (Sort of) Confirmation

In May 2021, Wang and Chua were caught by the paparazzi having a romantic night out in Shanghai.

Reportedly having met up for dinner, the pair went for a drink and walked by the Bund afterwards.

They were seen kissing and hugging each other through the night.


A lady selling flowers even went up to them to try to sell them some, to which Chua immediately paid for the flowers while Wang fetched the flowers.

Then, in a moment straight out of a film, it started drizzling. Wang used his jacket to shield Chua from the rain.

To end the night off, Wang carried Chua, bridal style, back to the car.

Fans went wild at this night, gushing over moments of it.

Prior to this night, rumours of a breakup between the two were ignited over social media. After the night, however, the majority of these rumours were put to rest.

Some fans even suggested that these large public displays of affection were fueled by inebriation as the two were drinking earlier on.


However, most agreed that this was no drunken night and that a relationship was underway.

And there would be more such moments to come with Wang and Chua being spotted holding hands in public multiple times and going out together at Universal Studios Beijing in September 2022.

This pretty much confirmed their relationship, despite them still being quiet and not addressing it.


A (Definite) Confirmation

Breaking the silence about their relationship, Wang and Chua took to Weibo.

Both posted on Weibo a poster of the fourth season of “Wow! Nice Figure”, a Chinese reality show that features them and three other celebrity couples participating in a “fitness training camp”, with captions confirming their relationship.


Wang wrote, in his caption, “Is there any exercise my girlfriend can’t do well?” while Chua wrote the same thing, “Is there any exercise my boyfriend can’t do well?”

Both tagged each other.

The posts quickly caught the attention of thousands of netizens and fans, with many wishing them happiness in their relationship.

Most also commented on how they were looking forward to watching the show.

“Wow! Nice Figure” is run by Taiwanese artiste and fitness buff Will Liu alongside his wife, former beauty queen, Vivi Wang.

Wang and Chua will participate in this show together, as a couple.

If there is any room for doubt that these Weibo posts are indeed confirmations of a relationship, Wang’s manager has cleared them, stating that Wang and Chua are in a stable relationship.

Fans are now excitedly looking forward to the future of this pair’s relationship.


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