S’pore Influencer Tammy Tay Joins OnlyFans & Promises NSFW Contents


Titus Low might have pivoted from an OnlyFans creator to an influencer, but someone else is moving the other direction.

Tammy Tay, who goes by the handle Ohsofickle, is a Singapore influencer with 139k followers on Instagram. The 30-year-old is one of the pioneer blogshop owners in Singapore, and now run several businesses.

Earlier this year, she also dabbled into NFTs.

Now, she’s into another venture.

S’pore Influencer Tammy Tay Joins OnlyFans & Promises NSFW Contents

With the Titus Low saga, you’d think that everyone’s avoiding OnlyFans like the plague.

Not Tammy Tay.

The mother-of-two just announced that she has opened an OnlyFans account.

Lest you’re unaware, OnlyFans allow creators to earn money by selling contents to paid subscribers, and of course the contents are usually not-safe-for-work (NSFW), though some OnlyFans creator do draw the line at revealing too much skin.

As for Tammy, the line seems to be a tad blur: she promises NSFW contents, and even provide exclusive contents if people DM her.

According to her OnlyFans account, it costs US$11.11 (~S$15.50) a month to subscribe to her OnlyFans.

She’s Serious About It

If you think it’s just a publicity stunt, you might be wrong because according to a series of Instagram Stories she posted after she’s announced the news, she revealed tidbits of what happened after that.


Apparently, her friends had contacted her, worrying why she had done that.

She said, “I understand what the platform is for and what most people use the platform for, however it doesn’t have to just be that.”

She then added that instead of explicit contents, subscribers could expect “pretty lingerie pictures that you don’t get to see on Instagram” instead.

And to do that, she’s booked a hotel  and a photographer to take those…erm, not-that-explicit images.

Now, how about the NFTs that she was working on earlier?

She said that she’s currently taking a break from web 3.0, and has “come back to web 2.0”.

Simply put, web 3.0 is stuff like NFTs and blockchain, while web 2.0 is the internet we’re used to, like social media.

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Featured Image: Twitter & Instagram (@Ohsofickle)