Titus Low Prepared to Move Overseas to Restart his OnlyFans Career


When the name “Titus Low Kaide” pops up, Singaporeans have mixed opinions about him.

The younger generation, who have been exposed to more liberal values through the internet, might just shrug it off indifferently, with the notion that “It’s his body, his career, his choice.”

He made his bed, comfortable or not, he shall lie in it.

But it’s undeniable that a large majority of Singapore’s ethnic make-up and values are more conservative: for the Chinese, Confucianism traditions are ingrained in us after centuries of practice, then there’s the devout Christians and Catholics, plus the Muslim community.

It’s not right to hat anyone who falls under the latter two categories for being more conservative due to their religious beliefs, but it is what it is. 

All in all, a 22-year-old man, whose career revolves around exhibitionism and voyeurism, a business that is underpinned with transactional and mutual consent between adults, will never fly well within the sphere of public opinion.

Who is Titus Low?

Just for a quick refresher, Titus Low is an OnlyFans user who creates sexually explicit content.

Although he started using OnlyFans in April 2021, he managed to gather 2,000 subscribers by July, who willingly pay a subscription fee of $15 per month to view the Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) content that he produces.

Beyond that, he is also an online influencer who has amassed a large following on Instagram and YouTube.

Image: instagram.com (@tituslow)

He was first brought into the public spotlight due to two charges of transmitting obscene material by electronic means in court on 30 Dec 2021.

The reason he was charged with the same offence twice was because he had accessed his alternate OnlyFans account again between Oct to Nov 2021, despite having his electronic devices confiscated, his main OnlyFans account frozen, and issued the warning to desist his actions early on.

Contrary to what his voyeuristic career and tattooed and muscled physique might suggest, Titus Low is actually a soft-spoken person who has anxiety issues.

He has admitted that he often prefers the company of his pets over people.

Due to the extenuating circumstances he found himself in recently, he has taken to playing the piano more to ease his anxiety.

His Reasonings and Explanation

In a YouTube video that was uploaded on 6 Jan, Low explained why he chose to become an OnlyFans content creator.

It’s an honest confession; he briefly recounts his life growing up in a broken home, as his parents were divorced. His father was a seafood wholesaler whilst his mother was an event coordinator, but they struggled to make ends meet.


It etched a mantra in his mind: he never wanted to be that helpless boy again.

Hence, at the tender age of nineteen, he left his home, refusing to be financially dependent on his parents.

However, he similarly struggled to eke out a livelihood until he found OnlyFans as his source of main income.

“I started making more money to support myself and got my own place. I could say that I finally stood up on my own.”

Low adds, “I had to do what I had to do to survive.”


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His Success Struck Down by Law

OnlyFans might have been his first successful surviving mechanism, but he didn’t stop there as he tried to forge a better path himself and diversify his means of income.

By all accounts, Titus Low is successful.

He lives in a luxury apartment with a rent of $6,600 per month that is finely furnished marbles, floral vinyl, and rugs, with dashes of his guileless personality peeking through in toy art figurines he owns, inspired by shows like Attack on Titans and Transformers.

He also owns a Lamborghini and Mercedes Coup and has two pets: a $6,500 labradoodle called Charlie and a cat called Simba.

Image: instagram.com (@tituslow)

In Low’s mind, he feels like he’s done nothing wrong.

“Maybe if I had hurt someone, then I’d deserve to go to prison,” he said as he’s confronted with the possibility of having to face a jail term of 21 months. “But this feels unjustified.”


After all, the reason why he chose OnlyFans was because of how the platform functioned: by locking his NSFW content behind paywalls, it ensures that he and his subscribers have entered an implicit agreement already listed in the Terms and Conditions.

For one, his content will primarily cater to a demographic of mutually consenting adults, who have paid and subscribed to him with the full knowledge that they would be receiving sexually explicit content involving Low himself.

The parasocial relationship between him and his subscribers are purely transactional; they can pay him to conduct and film certain sexual acts, but he’s allowed a wide berth of autonomy to decide the boundaries and how far he’s willing to go.

His only misfortune is also his fame.

Being one of the most recognisable OnlyFans creators meant that he became the one of the prime targets for the law to smite, to warn similar Singaporean creators like him that Singapore doesn’t condone such acts.


For the Singapore Government, their greatest concern is that the objectionable and obscene material will have a negative influence on Singaporeans, especially the minors, and leave them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The Chilling Effects of Titus Low’s Arrest

From the $5,000 bail, the possible fines and jail term that Titus Low will be facing for breaching Section 292a of the Penal Code, it’s evident that the government will be using him as an example, a precedent, for what will happen to other local OnlyFans creators.

Reportedly, there are around 100 or so Singaporean OnlyFans creators.

A spreadsheet listing the names of the local creators has purportedly been spread online, prompting attempts at blackmail.

Vanessa Ho, the Executive Director of the sex workers advocacy Project X, divulged that their agency had been receiving many calls from creators who said that they were being threatened for money or free content.

In a public statement, Project X described Singapore as a country that is trapped in a state of moral panic, which prevents the nation from treating sex as “a normal aspect of human behaviour”.

Regardless of your opinion of Titus Low and those of his ilk, they do not deserve to be treated as such; their livelihoods and personal details held at knifepoint simply for the choices that they have made, whether it was out of desperation or not.

Instead, Project X urges the police to shift their resources to better avenues, like cracking down on revenge porn and chat groups that pass around explicit images of women without their consent.


They proceed to list the case of SG Nasi Lemak, a major ring that was uncovered in 2019, which had over 40,000 paying members.

Recently, a group of seven men had been apprehended for their “wife-sharing fantasies”, where they conspired to rape each other’s wives and even shared explicit photos of their wives without their permission.

“Titus, like other adult content creators, represent a segment of Singaporean society who celebrate human sexuality, spreading messages of body positivity, whilst making a living during these pandemic, social distancing times,” Project X stated. “Their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity is laudable.”

Of course, that’s just one side of the coin of opinions.

If you want to look for opposing sentiments, look no further than the Facebook comments below; I’m sure you’ll find some dissenters who will scorn Titus Low for his artistic expression through sexuality.

Titus Low Plans to Move to Elsewhere

Now that Titus Low has been cut off from his main source of income, he has been expanding his presence on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, which boasts a total of 560,000 followers.

He has also launched a website, started selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and other more… interesting ventures that are better left unsaid for innocent minds.

Low is quite aware that he won’t be escaping from the confines of jail, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t planning for what will happen afterwards.

He isn’t planning on giving up on OnlyFans either.

In order to restart his OnlyFans career, Low admitted that he’s considering moving overseas.

He said in an interview with Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t want to waste the fanbase he has built, or his youth, especially when he is already successful.

Among the many places available to him, which have more liberal policies regarding his career choice, he’s thinking about London, some other European city, or perhaps the United States.

“I hear L.A. is chill,” he said.

Well, if there’s something Hollywood doesn’t lack for, it certainly isn’t nudity and varied forms of artistic expressions.

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