Tampines 1 Escalator Collapse Likely To Be Caused By Open Stroller’s Wheels

Image: Shin Min News Daily

We’ve all thought that just like Raclette cheese, escalator collapse is a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, just as any food fad can make its way to Singapore, escalators can collapse in Singapore again.

Like what happened in Tampines 1.

Shoppers Shocked As Tampines 1 Escalator Collapses

On 13 Apr 2019 at around 9.40 pm, four people had just gotten onto the escalator going down from the third to the second floor when a loud bang was heard.

Reacting swiftly, the people who had gotten onto the escalator pressed the emergency stop button and survived the ordeal.

The escalator, however, did not escape unscathed.

Image: Shin Min News Daily

The steps at the bottom of the escalator had been completely destroyed. A tenant nearby told reporters that loud sounds were heard before the steps broke apart.

Immediate Response By The Mall

The escalator was immediately closed for a safety inspection.

Image: Shin Min News Daily

While people were brought in to fix and inspect the escalator, the SCDF and the police were not brought in to assist with the incident.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA), however, were alerted to the incident.

The Mall’s Response

AsiaMall, the management of the mall, has responded to the accident.

After they’ve reviewed the CCTV footage, there was an open stroller on the escalator.

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They claimed that the wheels of the open stroller to be the likely culprit of the collapse.

“Wheels on a stroller may jam escalator steps, causing dislodgement and triggering the escalator to a safety stop.”

It Has Happened Before

Now, before you think the mall is trying to come up with excuses, it has happened before.

On 11 Jan 2017, a stroller at Raffles Place MRT Station was stuck between the steps of the escalator.

As it reached the end of the destination, the wheels caused the steps to dislodge and forced the escalator into a safety stop.

And shortly after on 21 Jan 2017, Pasir Ris White Sands’s escalator also had a near-miss with a stroller.

So next time you’re out with your family and pulling along a stroller, it might be a good idea to detour that extra 10 minutes to get to a lift, instead of travelling on the escalator with your stroller.

After all, that extra five to ten minutes isn’t worth your kid’s life, is it?

But It’s Not Just Parents Who Need To Change

Everybody needs to play a part.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m referring to this incident specifically.

If you’ve been to any shopping mall or MRT station for that matter, one thing that’ll drive you crazy is the waiting time for lifts to arrive.

And if parents with strollers aren’t able to board the lifts because it’s completely filled, then what else can they do besides risking it on the escalator?

Agree? Agree.