An HDB Void Deck in Tampines Has Such High Ceiling, It Becomes Instagram-Worthy

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Void decks might be known as a place for wholesome gatherings with neighbours, but their white walls coupled with grey cement floor don’t garner much attention otherwise.

However, TikTok has just found one that doesn’t quite fit the bill. In a good way.

Looks Like a Prestigious University

After a TikTok video of it went viral, an HDB flat at Tampines is gaining attention for its unique architecture.

@homesbyanne Who else likes high ceilings in void decks🙋🏻‍♀️ #sghomes #hdbvoiddeck #highceilings ♬ Figure It Out – Blu DeTiger

From far, it already looks nothing like a typical HDB block. With its beige-brown exterior and lush greenery, the residential flats instead resemble a prestigious-looking university.

Unusually Tall Void Deck

But what really makes it so different from other blocks is the height of its void deck.

In the TikTok video, the user is shown using an electronic height-measuring tool to measure the height of an average void deck ceiling at a different block.

The tool puts the ceiling’s height at 3.4 metres, or 3.391 metres to be exact.

However, when used at the unique HDB void deck, the tool shows that its ceiling is a whopping 8.8 metres tall — over 2.5 times higher than the first void deck.

Image: TikTok (homesbyanne)

Scenery That’s Perfect for Instagram Shots

With the help of some nifty camerawork, the ceiling height of the void deck gives the flat a majestic appearance you don’t often see in HDB buildings.

The video ends with a wide shot of the HDB flat’s facade, which shows the brown and beige blocks centred around a massive basketball court and landscaped greenery.

Further down from the basketball court is a stretch of pavement that ends in a flight of wide cascading stairs, perfect for those Instagram shots.

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Dying to know where the location of this HDB flat is?

Well, wait no longer, because the TikTok user revealed that it is Block 497 at Tampines Street 45.

And while some might have just seen it for the first time, the flats have actually been around since 1994.

Several commenters remarked that they had seen it in popular movies such as 2006’s I Not Stupid Too. Others also recalled it as the ‘home’ of the characters in the 1996 sitcom Don’t Worry Be Happy.


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Featured Image: TikTok (homesbyanne)

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