Police & School Investigating Footage of International Students ‘Sparring’ at Serangoon

If you’re past the age of 16 (spoiler alert, you’re not that young anymore), you’ve probably raised an eyebrow or two when seeing students clad in uniform while being rowdy in public.

But although it may sometimes be slightly annoying to walk past a bunch of giggly or noisy students, there’s no doubt that some casual teenage banter doesn’t hurt us most of the time.

However, it’s clear that this group of students in particular probably took their antics a little too far.

On 13 May, Facebook user Henry Ng uploaded the following videos to his Facebook page.

According to his caption, the students in the video are students from the International French School (IFS), and they were “fighting with boxing gloves” at the void deck of Block 157 Serangoon North Avenue 1.

In one of the videos, two male students were wearing boxing gloves and apparently “fighting” by throwing punches at each other while around a dozen other students gathered around the pair to watch their duel.

The other video in the post captured four of the teenagers trying to escape, and as Ng put it, they were “running away from the back of the block and car park when (the) police arrive(d)”.

Ng also mentioned that it was “not the first time” that the youngsters had conducted such activities.

“Previously informed the school regarding them fighting, littering, smoking and vaping, climbing staircase roof top, vandalising the walls and even lying down on floor and kissing in public,” Ng added.

Police’s Response

Based on reports by 8world, the police are aware of the incident.

They also explained that the students were sparring (i.e. practising their skills) and not fighting.

Response From School

According to Mothership, IFS is currently investigating the issue.

Sebastien Barnard, the Communication & Events Director at IFS, told Mothership in a statement, “IFS always takes these situations very seriously, even outside the school, involving its students disturbing public order and putting themselves in danger.

“Having been made aware of the allegations, the IFS Principal has initiated an investigation with the relevant student services of the school to verify and clarify the facts and take the appropriate disciplinary measures.”

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Netizens’ Response

Of course, many netizens were left infuriated, or at the very least displeased with the teenagers’ actions once they watched the videos.

However, there were also netizens who felt that such events are an inevitable part of growing up, and one even said, “Good enough that they’re wearing gloves now”.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Henry Ng)