Taxi Imposes ‘Cleaning Surcharge’ for Drivers & Drivers Cried Foul Immediately

Well, this sucks. Although I’m not directly affected by this, I think I can understand how the drivers felt when this was announced.

I mean, taxi drivers are always complaining about how difficult it is to make money these days. Every so often, the driver of the taxi I’m in would complain about the industry and the nonsense they have to go through on a regular basis (I’m looking at y’all drunk a**holes who puke all over the taxi).

So, imagine after a hard day’s work, you see this message in your mailbox.

“With effect from 1 Feb, you may visit any of our appointed cleaning kiosks (located at 30 Esso stations) to have your taxi cleaned up. The cleaning fee of $0.40/hr is included in all Taxi Share bookings.”


It’s no wonder some taxi drivers flew into a fit of rage.

So, basically, part-time drivers under SMRT’s Taxi Share scheme would have to pay an additional $0.40 an hour as “cleaning fee”.

SMRT Taxis general manager Shaun Lee said that: “For a nominal sum, taxis will be cleaned for drivers that have made bookings under the Taxi Share scheme. This is part of our overall efforts to provide the next driver with a taxi that is in the best condition to serve our commuters.”

Well yeah, he’s not wrong to say that. However, that does not mean that people have to be happy about it, you know.

“Those who make bookings of more than 10 hours will now have to pay an additional S$4, and at the end of the shift they have to waste time going to the kiosk to have their taxi cleaned.” said a taxi driver who only wanted to be known as Mr Desmond.


So, let’s assume that a taxi is being shared by 3 drivers in one day. Does this mean that the taxi would be cleaned 3 times a day if all 3 drivers decide to send it for cleaning?

Look, I don’t know much about cars, but I think cleaning a vehicle 3 times a day is overkill— unless every driver has a puking passenger or something.

And of course, given that Singapore rains so often, it doesn’t really make sense. Might as well donate $0.40 per hour to the sky, no?

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Personally, I think this would make sense only to drivers who are driving for a few hours a day. Heck, if you’re using the vehicle for 24 hours, that would be $9.60 worth of surcharge!

…I’m just hoping that the passengers won’t end up bearing the extra costs in the long run!

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