What if I tell you that you earn $1,440 per day? It’s true.

We should all strive to complete whatever is needed in our timeframe. I read this somewhere and I want to share this with you.

If Time Was Money

Every day, at 12:01 am, God deposited $1,440 into our bank account. We are free to use the cash in any ways that we desire. However, at 11:59 pm, this amount will be given back to God.

If you have used merely $10, $1,430 will be given back to God. Then, at 12:01 am, God will give you another $1,440.

Will you spend all the $1,440 effectively in the entire day, or will you leave it in your hands and return it back to God at the end of the day?

This $1,440 is time.

Metaphorically, $1 equals to 1 minute.

We are all blessed with the same amount of time every day.

If we choose to waste them, it will not be deposited into our POSB Savings account. Instead, it will just disappear altogether.

A Mindset Change

If you ponder about this, you will realise that there is no way you can save time. Time, unlike money, is not something tangible that you can keep and use it tomorrow. It is always a matter of how you use your time, instead of how you can save time.

We often hear people saying, “I want to save time.”

Now, has POSB, UOB, OCBC or any of the multitude of banks out there started a savings account that saves minutes? If you realised you have not achieved your goals in 2019, it is not because of any external factors.

It is because you have not used your time effectively.

What Do You Use Your $1,440 For?

If you use your $1,440 daily to surf Facebook, stalking your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend accounts, or simply to play Café World, has God been fair to you?

If you spent $1,440 on Channel 8 dramas and blamed the school system for setting tough examination questions, should you shout “FML”?

It’s all about how you prioritise your tasks.

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Let’s say tonight, God is going to, once again, give you $1,440. If you realise reading one chapter of a book is important, invest $50 on it.

That is better than investing $300 on looking at Facebook profiles of people whom you don’t even talk in real life.

You cannot save time; you can only decide how you spend your time. If 2019 has been bad, that is because you have invested in the wrong task. How is getting Mythic rank in Mobile Legends helpful in achieving your goals?

What If You Can’t Help Wasting Time?

Sometimes, we are, however, often placed in situations whereby time will be wasted no matter hard we try. Our public transport has an average waiting time of 10-30 minutes for a bus. So, what should be done during the waiting time?

You can take out a book to read. Or you can reply to all the SMSes that you have yet to reply. You can check your email with your handphone. Or even better, think of solutions to problems that you have.

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Or you can even count the amount of cash you have in your wallet! Just be creative with the usage of your time, instead of merely wasting it on unproductive things and regretting at the end of the day.

I hope by now, you will change how you view time. Spend “money” on the correct thing!


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