Texas Chicken Also Selling Korean Fried Chicken Because Why Not?


If you’re unfamiliar with Texas Chicken, no it’s not located in Texas.

It’s actually a fast food chain outlet that’s available right here in Singapore. And I’m telling you: you’re missing out if you never had it before.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that once you’ve had your first bite of Texas Chicken, you will stand up, head to KFC, flash the middle digits at it and kiss it goodbye. Forever.

Anyway, that’s how good Texas Chicken is, and if you need extra incentive, their honey butter biscuits just blow the competition right out of the ballpark. Like swing, and a homerun.

So what’s the latest news from this fast food chain outlet?

Well… how about some… Korean fried chicken?

Posted by Texas Chicken Singapore on Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Called the Maewoyo Chikin, “it’s a perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness that will make you swoon.” – Texas Chicken 2017

Well, I don’t need to eat it to swoon.

Just looking at it is enough.

Like, just look at that crispiness! The garnishing! You can already predict the taste from the first bite: crunchy exterior, juicy interior and the sweet-spiciness combo that will fill your mouth.

Homg, foodgasm!

And to make the chicken even sweeter?

Image: Texas Chicken Singapore Facebook Page

Simply pay with DBS PayLah and you get a free Upsize along your combo meal on your plate!

Just look at those onion rings and that honey butter biscuit.

Man, you just wanna bite them, savour them and enjoy all the sinful goodness. Damn.



I’m not that surprised Texas Chicken introduced Korean fried chicken, though.

Korea has been growing really hot worldwide, and its delicacies, Korean BBQ and Korean fried chicken, have been spreading like wildfire.

If you look at the number of Korean restaurants that have sprung up in recent years, you would be surprised.

Even KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) introduced their own version of Korean fried chicken too.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really memorable for me, so fingers crossed that Texas Chicken’s would be different.


Well, with their track record, I’m sure it will be good. Maybe not Nene Chicken good, but close?

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Nothing like Korean Chicken + Texas Chicken on Friday nights to start the weekends!

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Feature Image: texaschicken.com.sg