Thai Beauty Queen Still Wants to be Rubbish Collector After Win, Coz #饮水思源

Gratitude is what I’ll put across in this article. No matter how good or bad our situation is, we have to be thankful for our parents who have raised us.

This is exactly what Thai beauty queen did. She not only wowed us with her beauty but also her gratitude towards her mother.

Touching moment

It is heart-warming to see this picture- a young beauty queen returning to her hometown, Thailand, to thank her mother in the most modest way. 

Winning the title of Miss Uncensored News of Thailand 2015, 17-year-old Khanittha ‘Mint’ Phasaeng is seen wearing her glittering crown, silk sash and heels in the picture. However, what caught our hearts was that despite the filthy rubbish bins, she still knelt before her mother. Purpose? To thank her for everything she has done.

Touching moment: Mint - wearing her crown, sash and heels - kneels before her mother in front of filthy rubbish bins to say thank you for raising her

Mint’s mother, who raised her alone, makes a living by collecting and recycling trash. According to DramaFever News, Mint never felt ashamed of her background. She shared that what she has today is credited to her mother’s hard work.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook on life, she continues helping her family by working on many menial jobs, and assisting her mother when collecting and recycling rubbish.

Proud moment: Mint hugs her mother who she thanked by kneeling before her in the most touching way

Mint participated in a beauty contest in Thailand through a given recommendation. Never would she have imagined winning the competition due to her upbringing. As a result, this has got many people from impoverished backgrounds to comment that she is not only beautiful but strong and dutiful. She certainly captured the hearts of many!

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