Thai Supermarket Opening Doors Once Again at Kallang Mall in 1st Week of June

By now, you should have heard that Golden Mile Complex near Beach Road will cease to exist this year due to a collective sale. Many of the vendors have found alternative locations, including the bus operators who drive you from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thai Supermarket, which used to occupy the second floor of the complex, was no exception. It stopped operations at Golden Mile Complex on 9 April this year and found a new home in Aperia Mall, around the Kallang area.

The supermarket had previously operated in Golden Mile Complex for almost 40 years, since 1987.

It had previously announced on its website that it would reopen in May, though the date was pushed back. The latest news is that the supermarket will begin operations at the new location come the first week of June.

Here are some things you can look forward to when the supermarket reopens in less than a week.

Thai Supermarket Will Begin Operations in the First Week of June

According to The Straits Times, Thai Supermarket will open in the first week of June, and the new branch is a swanky 6,000 square feet supermarket. It also boasts a seated dining area which can accommodate up to 64 patrons.

Finally, after sneak peeks of the construction were also shared on their Instagram account @thaisupermarketsg earlier this month.

The relocation was apparently the culmination of a lot of effort. Mr Loh Yuen Seng, the co-owner of Thai Supermarket, shared with The Straits Times that it was “more complex” to relocate. Mr Loh is currently 59 years old and owns the supermarket with his brothers.

There were many “permits, restrictions and regulations” that the brothers had to be mindful of because they were operating in a mall. The issues were also compounded by the fact that they planned to offer more than just a supermarket.

Some of the offerings on the cards (apart from the supermarket) included “two stalls with kitchens, takeaway food kiosks and retail services”.

Sounds like a whole lot of logistics to look after, doesn’t it? We are glad that the Loh brothers persevered.

For those planning to drop by the supermarket in June, do take note that Thai Supermarket will be located on the first floor of the mall at #01-20. Its operation hours will be from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

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What You Can Look Forward to Apart From the Supermarket

Apart from the supermarket, get ready to have your tastebuds tantalised.

One of the food stalls in the mall will be operated by Folks Collective, which also runs a Thai restaurant near the CBD area (at Cross Street Exchange). There are plans to have dishes such as marinated seafood, grilled meat and seafood, curry and wok-fried dishes sold at the food stall.

Those who work or live in the vicinity can also look forward to building their own lunch bowls to fill their bellies during mid-day. Prices of the Thai lunch bowls start at $9.

This F&B concept transforms into a watering hole in the afternoon as the stall plans to serve alcoholic drinks.

What a versatile plan.

The other stall plans to sell noodles, including popular Thai boat noodles and Pad Thai. The prices will start from $10.90. The menu also consists of famous Thai side dishes like prawn cakes and pork skewers.  For those who need a drink to cool down, you can opt for Thai tea and herbal drinks.

You will also be able to find something if you have a sweet tooth.

The fried banana stall Talad Thai Banana will also be operating within Aperia Mall for shoppers to grab a delightful snack when they visit. Sweet potato balls and taro chips are also on the menu for those who are not fans of the fruit. You can get yourself a mood-lifting bite for just $3, which is the starting price of these fried items.

If you favour sweet treats and bread, Yung Yung, a bubble tea and bread brand, could be your go-to pick instead. The brand, which is known for its Yaowarat Buns with a variety of fillings, including Speculoos and pandan kaya, will be doing some innovations to further its Thai theme and flavours.

We cannot wait to see what new offerings are to come.

Other Stores Besides F&B

For those who are watching their diet, there is something for you as well. Nail and hair salons will take up two of the four available kiosks in the mall.

Why better way to spend your time relaxing and doing your nails and hair after a long day’s walk in the supermarket?

If your only concern is the supermarket and supermarket alone, but you can’t make it down to the supermarket personally, fret not. There are other avenues for you to purchase your Thai goods without making a trip down to Aperia Mall.

Thai Supermarket had previously launched online shopping services for patrons to order their items from the comfort of their homes conveniently. Unfortunately, the site is currently under construction, pending the supermarket’s physical re-opening in Aperia Mall.

All is not lost, though. You can still grab your Thai stocks through other online channels. Thai Supermarket has a presence on Shopee which you may want to check out in the meantime (and, of course, collect those coins as you shop).

What are you waiting for? It is time to visit the new Thai Supermarket and shop.