There Are Shoes Sold in S’pore That Increase Your Height Up to 12cm

Last Updated on 2021-11-09 , 1:15 pm

If you’re a man, you may be insecure about your physical aspects.

Hint: it’s to do with size.

You wish you could add a few inches to it, making yourself more desirable to women.

After all, there’s almost a social discrimination against men who were cursed with the short end of the gene pool.

I’m talking, of course, about your height. I hope you weren’t thinking about something else.

As stated above, men generally have to be of a certain height to be considered desirable by women and socially acceptable.

Yes, I’m sure it’s purely the height that makes Chris Hemsworth such a perfect male specimen. (6’3″ is about 190cm, by the way)

While I’m not considered short myself, I’m definitely not of a desirable height, unlike one of my colleagues.

If you’ve been trying to play basketball, do stretches on the bed every night, or even jumping regularly to increase your height but to no avail, I’ve got good news for you.

Also, that last one doesn’t work, by the way.

Elevator Shoes For Men in Singapore

Scientifically speaking, most of your height is decided by genes and nutrition from a young age, so nothing you do now can really help.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to appear taller.

A store in Singapore called Walking Tall, (very aptly named) sells quality elevator shoes for men to help increase their height.


Advertised on their posters to be able to boost your height by 6cm to 12cm and help improve your posture, this appears to be a dream come true for Singaporean men.

Maybe you’re of the same height, or even shorter than your girlfriend/wife. Or you have a hard time finding a date. You really want these shoes, but you’re afraid they’d look like ridiculous platform shoes.

Well, fret not.

Good Designs

Their array of shoes look absolutely gorgeous, ranging from dazzling dress shoes to sporty stylish sneakers, and they look completely normal.

No one would know what they are unless they removed your shoes and examined them.

If you need further assurance, their website has plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers, both men and their partners.


Their prices range from around SGD $140 to $230, which are honestly reasonable prices for quality footwear with an extra boost.

I mean, they’re even a lot cheaper than most of your Air Jordan’s or Yeezy’s.

If you’re already sold and are looking for your credit card, here’s their website. If you prefer a physical store, here’s their information:

  • 277 Orchard Road, #04-05 Orchard Gateway (beside Somerset 313), Singapore 238858
  • Tel: 6438 2526
  • Operating Hours: Daily: 1130 am to 9 pm

Maybe you’re thinking that wearing elevator shoes is false advertising and amounts to lying.

But hey, if women can wear makeup, push-up bras, and stilettos, simply boosting our height with shoes is fair game.

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