There’re Fake Grab Drivers in M’sia; Grab Issue Warnings

Safety is probably one of the reasons Grab/Uber was initially not that accepted in Singapore when other countries already has this service. We were all very sceptical about being in a stranger’s personal car. Now, taking Uber/GrabCar is nothing out of the norm: In fact, it is one of the most popular alternative mean of transport to a taxi.

However, recently there has been a case where there were reported fake Grab drivers; and it’s just in our neighbouring country – Malaysia!

Jern Siong, 24 years old, shares his experience on his Facebook.

He booked a taxi via the Grab app on his mobile in the afternoon on 15 November. The initial driver contacted Jern and told him to wait for 10 minutes for him.

However, after 15 minutes, Jern told World of Buzz that the driver’s location has not moved a bit so he sent the driver a message but he was surprised that a Malay female (as opposed to a male driver which was shown on the app after the booking was made) contacted him telling him that she has arrived outside to pick him up.

Since he was certain that the driver should have been a male, he proceeded to question the lady. She told him that the initial driver told her to pick him up. She said that she can contact the initial driver to confirm but Jern hung up and reported the incident to Grab immediately.

Jern shares with the other users that if such similar incident ever happens to them, “Take a screenshot of the driver’s details, take down the phone number and any details of the ‘alternate’ driver, and report the incident to Grab. Then cancel the ride and book another.”

Conversation between Jern and Grab’s Facebook page:

Image: Facebook / Jern Siong
Image: Facebook / Jern Siong
Image: Facebook / Jern Siong
Image: Facebook / Jern Siong
Image: Facebook / Jern Siong
Image: Facebook / Jern Siong

Jern updated on the same post that the initial driver’s car broke down and he sent his wife to pick him up instead.

Even though nothing similar has happened in Singapore yet, it will always be better to be safe than sorry. Take note of what to do if you were to ever encounter such incident in the future!

Featured Image: Facebook / Jern Siong

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