There’s Also a Snake Brand Prickly Heat Body Spray So You Won’t Dirty The Floor

Snake Brand Prickly Heat is the hot topic of the month it seems.

Just a while back, the brand launched a new product, the Prickly Heat “Classic Shower Gel” that took the South-East Asian region by storm.

It seemed a long time coming as Prickly Heat had only one SKU in its inventory -Snake Brand Prickly Heat Power – for as long as I could remember.

Image: Amazon

Even resident entertainment extraordinaire, Dennis Chew aka Zhou Chongqing, gave it a thumbs up on his Facebook.

Image: Facebook

With all that said and done, Prickly Heat does not appear to be resting in its innovation track.

Word is that we are now graced by a new product on the market.

And that is the Snake Brand Prickly Heat “Cooling Body Spray”, ladies and gentleman.

Army Daze

For folks who’ve been through the army, we all know that the Prickly Heat power was nothing short of a miraculous invention.

That it’s fine innocuous looking powder could bring so much relief in the sweltering Singapore heat was unthinkable.

On top of that, if one had the abrasion at you know which region, the powder worked its magic too when gently dispensed unto suffering zones.

And yet there was a drawback.

For the aftermath of its powder meant that floor would have equally been powdered.

Image: Rhapsodyinrooms

A strict nono for it meant that stand-by-bed would have been a torment to go through.

And that I believe is what the new Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Spray was destined for.

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Spray

According to King Power’s website, the body spray comes in “a fresh scent of natural essential oil” and has a “unique metal package”.

Image: King Power

While all that reads like a moot point, it’s what follows that makes the body spray rather dayum amazing.

The website claims that the spray can “reduce up to 8 Celsius within 60 seconds” and we are inclined to think that it means a reduction in skin temperature.

Prickly Heat Powder power without the mess? Sign me up, please.

That’s the equivalent of giving a stranded traveller in the Sahara a Paddle Pop or when applied to our atmosphere, may mean a reversal of our 21st century goddamned global warming.

Image: Giphy

All in all, this does seem like the perfect present for any in-going conscript whose girlfriend (if any) is most likely to leave them soon.

Putting The O In Out-Of-Stock

That said, it appears that my love for this new spray isn’t an uncommon sentiment.

It’s sold out on King Power’s website with a big-red-ugly and attention-grabbing font to boot.


Both the Classic and Relaxing Lavender Scent.

Image: King Power

It’s even sold out of stock on Lazada and Shopee locally.

Nevertheless, you find both merchant links here and here and I’ll leave it to you to bookmark them should there ever be stock.

It retails at $9.90 for a bottle of 50ml spray but you won’t be spending that sum today.

Alternatively, get about 10 Paddle Pops with that price, melt them and lather the solution on yourself while bathing.


Maybe that will work? Who Knows?

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