There’s Going to be a Peach Coke. I Can’t Even

Last Updated on 2018-01-12 , 4:52 pm

Ever sick and tired of the same old stuff everyday?

The same scorching sun (who seems to be on leave recently), the same empty wallet, the same failure you are…

Sorry, I guess the last point only applies to me.


If you’re planning to go to Japan soon, you’ll probably be as excited as me when I heard this news (Not that I’m going Japan anytime soon, but just because it’s food).

Those in Japan will be thrilled to know that the all new peach-flavoured Coca-Cola is coming their way very soon!


Releasing on Jan 22, the unique flavour will be on time for the Hinamatsuri “Doll Festival”.

It is celebrated on 3 March annually, and is also known as Momo no Sekku, “the seasonal festival of peaches”.

Demand for it peaks from January to March, making its arrival a timely one.

Japan has been chosen to welcome the new drink for their love for peaches.

According to Coca-Cola, ancient Japanese stories say that peaches have the power to chase away evil, which makes them one of the favourite fruits in the country.

Not the first time

If you noticed, Japan has always been home to new products.

They had the unique Japan-only Frappuccino drink from Starbucks

Image: SoraNews24

the Sakura-flavoured Pepsi..

Image: SoraNews24

…and even the Full Moon cheeseburger from McDonald’s!


About the drink

It is said to have a special mix of fragrant peaches and the same shiok Coca-Cola.



Of course, the most important thing…

A 500ml bottle will be sold at 140yen (SGD 1.67) while a 280ml bottle will be priced at 115yen (SGD 1.37).

The latter will only be available in vending machines.

Which Singapore also happens to be lacking in terms of variety…


But on a side note, perhaps we can get a durian-flavoured one?

Sooo….anyone going Japan soon? 😀

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