There’s Going to be Another WhatsApp Called ‘WhatsApp Business’. Here’s What You Should Know


WhatsApp is one of the best gifts we have when it comes to apps. I mean, you can make calls for nothing more than some data bytes, and messaging across the world doesn’t cost you that much anymore either.

Which is precisely why it makes complete sense to see WhatsApp venture into a new project – WhatsApp Business.

Here’s what you need to know about the company’s latest escapade!

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What Is It For?

Well, as the name itself suggests (duh!) it’s to help businesses keep in touch with their customer base. Businesses will have access to a couple of pretty cool features, including analytics. They’d be able get a clearer picture on how often their clients contact them as well as see the popularity level of their texts.

WhatsApp Business also gives business owners a separate place to voice their business, and keep their personal account on the existing WhatsApp platform.

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What Are the Options?

The first option involves using one phone and one app, where you’d be able to shift your current business contact number to WhatsApp business.

This is the best choice if you want to only use that specific number for WhatsApp Business and you have no intention whatsoever to associate the number with any personal use.

The second option allows you to share one phone and have two apps. You will need to register WhatsApp Business with a separate mobile phone number.

When you’re done, download both the personal Whatsapp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone. The two accounts will have two separate numbers nonetheless.

This would be best for someone who uses one phone for business, but would still like to access their personal Whatsapp while he’s working.

The third option also involves one phone and two apps, but you can register for WhatsApp Business with a landline. Same thing here, download both apps on the same mobile device, but you’ll have two accounts with different mobile numbers attached to them.

This is great for someone who’s got a personal phone and WA account plus a landline for business needs, but would prefer to accept messaging on that phone from then on.

The last option involves two phones – one for your own use and one strictly for business. It helps streamline your personal and work needs in terms of mobile use. But seriously, if you’re getting two lines, two phones and two apps, you might as well just use the personal app if you don’t need the analytics thingy #justsaying

Other Features

You’d also be able to select the most relatable category for your business to help define what’s your business scope. There’s an added feature which gives business users the option to set their phone to “Away Messages”.

This means that if someone texts a businessman after his operation hours of when the business is closed for the day, they’d be informed about the same thing too.

Then there’s the verified tick mark to help customers understand if they are dealing with a genuine business or otherwise.


In order to get WA Business, a survey form needs to be completed and from there, an app needs to be downloaded.

I don’t know about you, but this seems perfect for just anyone who doesn’t like their clients to contact their personal line. What think you?

WhatsApp Business is still in its beta test stage, but Android users can download it here.

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