There’s a Hidden $9.90 NETT Korean Buffet in Great World City

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I love buffets and my rotund beer belly is kinda like my proud trophy: moulded from endless servings of BBQ meat and craft beer.

Now, before my colleague (Zhi Hao, I mean you) starts preaching about healthy lifestyles and decides to remove this article behind my back, allow me to publish this for the benefit of all my horizontally-challenged brethren out there.


Without further ado, introducing the buffet!

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Priced at just $9.90, the buffet is a Korean Food lover’s dream come true!

Yeap, you can get everything you see here for $9.90! Holy moly. I’ve never had a Korean buffet for under $10 before! The dishes look pretty good to boot!

On top of all that, 8282 Korean buffet is located within the food court of Great World City. That means you can actually use the food junction card for a further 10% off your total bill!


That’s right! That means you’re only paying $8.90 for a Korean buffet!

What’s more, you can also top up an additional $2 for their special menu!

The items on the menu changes every now and then, so do keep an eye out for the updates on their Facebook page for more details!

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All right, hold your horses! Before you dash over to Great World City, there’s just a few things to take note of.

The buffet ends at 2pm on weekdays, so please don’t go demanding for their buffet in the evening.

Lastly, they offer K-Street Food Buffet on Saturday instead of their regular menu items. (I thought it was a nice touch, since it gave their food more variety.)

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With that in mind, you’re all set for a visit to!

Please let us know if the food is good! I simply can’t wait to make a trip to Great World City this weekend!

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