There’s a Legit Star Wars Run for Those Star Wars Fans Out There

You’ve probably heard of The Colour Run SG, or The Music Run SG, or maybe even some other runs we have going on. But did you know we have a Star Wars Run coming up this year? All you Star Wars fans out there, rejoice! I don’t wanna discriminate, but many of you probably need to start running or just general exercising. I know I do.

The Star Wars Run will be on 6th May, 2017, starting at 1900 hrs (for those who don’t speak military, that’s 7pm for you). They’ve unfortunately missed the chance to hold the event on 4th May, due to the problem of the 4th of May being a Thursday instead of a weekend. “May the 6th be you” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Interested runners can choose to join one of two categories, the 10km Competitive Run or the 4.5km Non-Competitive Run.

The 10km category costs $75 and the 4.5km category costs $70 currently, during the early bird period, from 13 Feb to 12 Mar. Normal registration will end at 17 Apr, after 12 Mar, and will set you back $85 and $80 respectively.

All runners will be entitled to a Race Pack, which consists of and Event T-shirt, a Drawstring Bag, a Towel and a Plush Toy. Everything except for the towel will differ as you choose between the Dark and the Light side of the Force.


For example, the plush toy will be either Yoda or Darth Vader.

Finishers will also receive a medal, which also differs according to the finishing category and which side you choose.

As of now, the venue for the event is to be confirmed, and according to the official site here, it is tentatively going to be somewhere at Marina Bay.

According to the organizers, the event will have “all things STAR WARS” the whole night, so maybe you could expect Star Wars related things during the run like the colour powder during Colour Run or the performances during the Music Run.

The Race Pack looks pretty awesome, and the event shirt really looks quite cool, so if you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, I would highly recommend registering. Just take note the early bird period ends in March, so don’t wait too long!

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