There’s a Milk Tea That’s…Transparent. Here’re the Deets

Guess what? Japan has done it again.

They have come up with something so crazy, so innovative that you can’t help but be amazed and apprehensive at the same time. Because well, it’s Japan.

Luckily this time, it’s not some morally deprived invention that makes you question whether humanity deserves to be on Earth.

Not really anyway.

Because it’s an all-new transparent milk tea drink.

How does it work?

Well, it looks like water.

But tastes exactly like milk tea.

It’s called… the Suntory “Premium Milk Tea”.

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Image: Suntory

Japan, everyone.

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Image: Ashes of Creation


The unconventional product was launched in Japan in September 2017.

Interesting fact: it’s a follow-up from a previous lemon tea-flavoured water by the same company in April.

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Image: Suntory

No idea how that works, but then I have no idea how the Japanese come up with stuff like this either.

How is it made?

Let’s go into a boring lecture of how the transparent milk tea is made, because honestly everyone loves that part.

Water is first boiled to create water vapour. The water vapour makes its way through loose black tea leaves and subsequently gets dolloped in huge doses of aroma. The gas then cools down in a condenser, leaving behind a crystal clear liquid residue that manages to retain the tea flavours.

Don’t get it? Good, that’s the point of lectures. Moving on.

If you noticed, the tea leaves didn’t come into full contact with water in the video, which means that not all chemical compounds and taste will be derived.

So yeah, it won’t taste exactly like rich black tea, but I reckon it’ll be pretty close. Reckon.

But wait, that’s just the tea. Where’s the milk?

Damn, and there I thought the lecture has ended.

Anyway, our dear Suntory drew up a diagram to explain how transparent milk tea gets its milk taste.

Image: Suntory

Basically, milk is made up of four main components: milk fat, milk protein, lactose and milk minerals.

Out of those four, lactose and milk minerals are transparent. See the pattern there?

By using just the lactose and milk minerals, Suntory can fuse the flavour of milk into drinks while the liquid stays crystal clear.

Genius or genius?

On a side note, sorry, lactose-intolerant folks. You will have to pass up on this one.

Has it been released in Singapore?

To our knowledge, Singapore does not offer the transparent milk tea, or the lemon tea as yet.

But for those who are really, really desperate, Qoo10 offers wholesale delivery.

Just tell us how it tastes like if you ever order it, alright?

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