There’s Now A S’pore Guy Who Did FB Slides to Get Dates & Guess Who Responded?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of the “considerably famous” Kelly Lim, who received hundreds of messages after creating a Tinder profile-esque presentation on her Facebook page. You can read all about that here.

And now… it seems we have a male equivalent.

Initially just one of the many men smitten with Kelly Lim, Goh Yong Wei chose to break out of the norm and adopt a way more interesting approach than just messaging:

By creating his own Tinder profile-esque presentation.

Without further ado, let’s… check him out.

Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

Well, it seems we’re in for a treat. #findyourwei

Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

Just saying, but 5000 shares isn’t really an easy feat. This guy is lit, bruhs.


The fact that he has appeared on several media sites before? Surplus.

That self-deprecating bit at the end? Just what the ladies want to hear.

Manly stuff.

Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

The dude has a motorbike. Yo, that’s bad ass sorcery right there.

And he drills well too.


Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

He adds on by subtly hinting that he’s the adventurous kind. So no boring date ever, ladies.

That self-deprecating bit at the end? Bonus.

Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

Kids who are just nice are pretty hard to come by nowadays… food for thought?

Not every guy’s as humble as this dude either. Humility confirmed.

Well, it’s true: every woman wants a son-in-law with big hips.

More erm… children?

Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

For one, he can wash his own clothes. Husband material right there. And he can sing!

That last bit’s definitely catered towards the Insta models. #iseewhatyoudidthere


But yeah, Yong Wei, I think you’ve earned a right swipe from us!


So far, the Facebook post has garnered 168 likes and reactions & 63 shares.

But that’s not the important point.

Guess who commented on his post?

Image: Goh Yong Wei Facebook Page

What do you know? Effort does pay off!

Thumbs up la, bro!


Here’s wishing them all the best

Should love ever blossom between the pair, their story would be a family legend for ages to come.

“Pa, how you meet Ma one ah?”

“How ah? Well, girl, it all started the day your ma published her dating profile on Facebook…”

“Auntie Kelly, how did you meet your husband?”

“Oh, you see, it all started the day I decided to publish my dating profile on Facebook…”



Anyway, we here at Goodyfeed wish the ‘lovebirds’ all the best.

Because every individual appreciates an unconventional love story 😉

Since you’re here, why not watch a video about an NTU student who went all out to impress his crush, only to end up in…tragedy? Here, watch it and do remember to share it (and also subscribe to Goody Feed YouTube channel)!

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Featured image: Facebook (Goh Yong Wei)


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