There’s a One Michelin-Star Cup Noodle And It Can Only Be Bought in Japan

Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 9:33 am

A Michelin Star is the pinnacle of any restaurant.

By attaining even a single one, the restaurant will undoubtedly enjoy global recognition, worldwide publication and troves of foodies eager to try its Michelin-standard cuisine.


So, what if I tell you that… there’s Michelin-Star Cup Noodles? 

No, I’m not pulling your leg.

Nakiryu’s Dandan Noodles

On 29 May, one-Michelin-Starred restaurant Nakiryu released the Nissin Foods’ Signature Restaurant Series: Nakiryu Dandan Noodles.

They have actually released it before, but a Michelin Star changes everything.

Rocketnews24 sent their reporter to try it out, and he was just blown away.


The star of the day.


These cup noodles can be discovered in most supermarkets and convenience stores for roughly 200 yen (US$1.80) each.


Preparation of the cup noodles was pretty easy; just add hot water for four minutes before pouring in the special oil that’s included.


The writer actually wondered whether a Michelin star meal could be reproduced so easily. I’m wondering too.

Four minutes to five minutes tops don’t seem long enough, considering that it’s ‘Michelin-standard’.


He started out by trying the broth. According to him, there was a mellow chicken flavour that was a great complement to the sesame flavour.

The mix of sour and spicy flavours worked well together with a distinct yet refined aftertaste.


By this point, the reporter was kind of impressed already, but he wasn’t fully convinced yet.

Nakiryu’s Dandan noodles were famous for their delectably textured noodles. What about the instant noodles version?

Voila, the cup noodle version actually managed to recreate it!

Nissin Nakiryu Dandan Image:

The broth-trapped thin noodles provided a harmonizing flavour in each bite, just like the restaurant version!

Actual Nakiryu Dandan Image:

The reporter gave a thumbs up. Somehow, through some unbelievable method, Nissin actually managed to replicate Nakiryu’s award-winning dish.

And it’s not just him too; check out the online reviews.


The reporter wasn’t satisfied yet, though. The cup noodle was good, but if his memory of Nakiryu’s Dandan was correct, a few additions were required. So he added a bit more rayu (chili and garlic) sauce…


Some more vinegar…


And some chopped cashews!


It’s now the real, authentic Nakiryu experience!


But of course, even by itself, this cup of Nissin Nakiryu Dandan Noodles is still one of the best you will ever get to try.

How do you get one; that’s the question

It’s sold only in Japan, and you’re desperate to try some of that Michelin goodness, so how do you get one?

Simple; just get one of your friends who is going to Japan to buy one for you!

Or you can search for sites that ship Japanese products over! For that, Google is your most trusted friend.