World’s Spiciest Instant Cup Noodles Available In S’pore 7-Eleven For Two Months Only


So, about a year ago, many people across the globe took up this legendary “Fire Noodle Challenge”.

Here’s a gif to summarize how most of the challenge went:

gif: Giphy

In case you were living in the cave then, and only had access to the internet recently, the Fire Noodle Challenge requires you to finish the Samyang Spicy Noodle as soon as possible without exploding from the hotness.

It got so popular that Samyang came out with the bottled sauce too.

image: Shopee

Why talk about it, it’s old news already?

If that’s what in your mind, let me introduce to you the #canornotchallenge, that was all the hype this year ever since the launch of Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodle in March.

Product of Malaysian Brand Mamee

Yup, you got it right – this is a product of our all-time favourite noodle snack brand.

Mamee has introduced the Ghost Pepper Noodle and has dubbed it as the Spiciest Noodle in Malaysia – maybe soon in Singapore too.

It is said to be infused with ghost pepper (hence the name), and the dark colour of the noodles come from cocoa powder, and fruit and vegetable concentrate.

Sounds delicious? You make the call.

Spicier Than Samyang Noodle

Rumours have it that this noodle is a lot spicier than Samyang spicy noodle.

I did some mini-research, and according to, Samyang Chicken Flavour Ramen stands at 8,706 Scovilles unit (i.e. spiciness level), while the Ghost Pepper Noodles hits above 1,000,000 Scovilles unit.


So, for those daredevils out there who thinks that Samyang Noodles has no kick, you know what’s the next challenge you should take up.

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And that’s not all.

Now Available in Singapore!

For those of you who went through the hassle of crossing the custom to get these noodles from Malaysia, here’s great news for you.



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However, they will only be available for 2 months, starting in September!

Each cup will be selling at $2.90, so quickly get yours before it’s all wiped out.


I wonder if we’re going for this for our #ThirstyThurday next month…would anyone die?