There’s A Sake Kit Kat In Japan & It’s Driving Kit Kat Fans Crazy

I know of a friend who is cray cray over Japan, its people and culture, and I think this will make him book a ticket to Japan.

For all you Japan fans out there, stay tuned.

Do you love sake? I’m very particular when it comes to alcohol. I need to know what I’m drinking right? Now, before we move on to Kit Kat, here are my findings.

What is sake?

It is a Japanese alcoholic drink made of fermented rice, also called koji.


So, What type of cuisine goes best with sake? 

Duh, Japanese cuisine of course. But some sakes are paired with French cuisine, and even Chinese food!

Based on research, it doesn’t say it goes well with chocolate but I guess, everything is possible since we already have Apple Vodka and Butterscotch Baileys Snow Skin mooncakes in Singapore.

So, introducing…

Sake Kit Kat.

No fancy name because the word Sake is high-class enough.

Apparently, this is an upgrade for the previously launched sake-flavoured Kit Kat last year which contains 0.8% alcohol, infusing the taste of Japanese rice wine.


What’s different now?

According to Nestlé (yeah, the same company that brought us Milo), this new sake Kit Kat has “refined tastes” and they have even engaged the help of former Japanese football player Hidetoshi Nakata and Masuizumi, an esteemed Toyama-based sake brewery, to help produce this top-quality chocolate.


You must be wondering why they are seeking help from a football player. Here’s why.

Nakata is no ordinary man. This retired sportsman has immeasurable passion for Japanese sake and he even has his own sake brand, “N”, released last year.

He has a great mission – to help people around the world recognize and appreciate sake.

No wonder Nestle Japan has engaged him in this process.

As for Toyama Prefecture’s Masuizumi sake brewery, they have a history that goes back all the way to 1893. Expect the best for this brewery as it was chosen from over 100 breweries to provide the most premium sake!

Nestlé claims that “the crisp dry finish of Masuizumi’s sake” pairs perfectly with their white chocolate wafers, creating a “distinct sake aroma and depth of flavor” which can be tasted as soon as you set your teeth on this first-rated chocolate.


Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat


They are sold in red boxes containing nine individually packaged bars.


You would have also noticed the link (more of like a QR code) to Nakata’s Sakenomy app on the side of the Kit Kat box.

This app actually allows you to search for other sake brands and you can even record information from labels on bottles to enhance your drinking experiences. #LearnSomethingNew #Don’tJustDrink

It’s on sale at souvenir stores around Japan and each box costs 700 yen (S$8.56). Not too bad, considering that it’s sake and Kit Kat leh.

I can’t describe the taste for you but based on the tagline, you can look forward to the elegant taste of sake, coupled with the fine sweetness of white chocolate.

But each serving contains 0.4% of alcohol hor, so don’t give to children or those who cannot take alcohol.

Time to go Airfrov again.

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