Eureka, The Most Powderful Popcorn in the World, Is Coming to S’pore


Last Updated on 2020-02-21 , 2:51 pm

Have you heard of Eureka popcorn? No?

Then you’re about to hear about it more often, because they’re coming to Singapore

Eureka Popcorn in Singapore

Eureka Snacks, The Popcorn With Flavours That’ll Make You Go, “Jinja?!”

Image: Facebook (Eureka Snack)

If you’ve not heard of Eureka Popcorn, I won’t blame you.

Wait, I will: it’s one of the most popular snacks in Malaysia, so how long have you not been up north?!

With 11 outlets in West Malaysia and 1 outlet in East Malaysia, and unlimited places carrying their products in Hong Kong, it’s one of the more recognized Malaysia brands simply for a good reason: their popcorn have flavours that are so unique, you might not dare to try.

But once you try it once, ta-da: you become a fan immediately.

On their website, you can see that they’ve got all kinds of flavour that you would least expected.


Spicy…popcorn? WTF, indeed, right?

I’m not sure why, but I do remember there’s a curry flavoured popcorn. But anyways.

You get the idea.

How Does it Taste?

The popcorn isn’t just your typical popcorn you get from Golden Village: theirs is much more like those found in Sweet Monster. It’s not too crispy but it’s that slight soft touch that makes the flavour slide into your taste bud almost perfectly.

The resealable packaging also allows you to seal it once you’ve opened it, but 9 out of 10 times, you would just finish up the whole damn thing because it’s just so damn good.


Unlike normal popcorn, the flavours are strong—so strong, you’ll still feel it inside your mouth when you’re done with your sinful binge-eating. Each popcorn has a standard shape and size, so you won’t be finding popcorn that look like jigsaw puzzles instead (just look at the picture above: it’s the real shape, no joke).

But like normal popcorn, expect to find some kernels in it. Yeah, those irritating stone-like thingy that makes the entire popcorn experience lousy is still there despite the high price tag.

How high, you ask.


One bag, according to the website, is at RM12.90. If you compare that price with any normal popcorn, it’s much more expensive, but hey, 一分钱,一分货, right?

From the website, they apparently has a new flavour: durian flavour. Okay, you can shut up now and take my money.

So, Here’s the News: They’re Coming to Singapore!

Now, you no longer need to get struck in a 3-hour jam to Johor Bahru City Square just for a pack of these goodies: a few days back, they just announced that they’re going to open an outlet in Singapore.

They even have a contest in which if you guess the location of their first outlet correctly, you win a popcorn (maybe just one piece of popcorn?).


The contest ends on 24 September 2017.

Now that they’re coming to Singapore, I think we’re not interested to guess the location but to guess the price instead.

If it’s less than $6 per pack, I’m telling you, we’ll provide free popcorn for everyone in the Goody Feed office #popcornFTW

Just so you know, they don’t just sell popcorn. But if all I know about them is their popcorn, that speak volumes on what their great strength is.