These Are the Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in 2017 According to CareerCast

Let’s admit it. Working life kinda sucks. However, it’s always a matter about whose job sucks more, and whose has lesser stress because well, we all have no choice but we all have to work for money in one way or another.

Therefore, in a bid to find out which is the one job that’s the most stressful to the people, a survey at gathered the top 10 list of the most stressful jobs.

Read on to find out more about these jobs, and whether you think they’re true!

10. Broadcaster

Granted, it’s no surprise that a life of a broadcaster is one helluva hectic one, since it’s always a must to be up-to-date with the latest news and to always be on standby when the news channel requires your help.

You’ll also always have to be ready when any big news strikes because you will be the face of reporting it on national TV. Stressful? Yes, very. Let’s not even go into the unstable working hours yet.

Stress Store: 47.93
Growth outlook: -9%

9. Taxi Driver

With so many taxis like Uber and Grab all around Singapore, the competition is extremely high. You’ll always have to stay in the loop and be on the ball whenever the passengers need you. Which is why we have seen some taxi drivers driving on BOTH Uber and Grab at the same time via 2 different phones.

I mean it’s not ethnically right, but we all have to do what it takes to stay alive, right?

Stress Score: 48.18
Growth outlook: -13%

8. Public Relations Executive.

No matter what, you’ll always have to factor in time after work for tastings – which are also apart of your working hours. You might even have to organize events during the weeknds which eats into time for yourself.

Still, there’re a lot of perks when it comes to working as a PR executive – you get to network, you get to meet new clients and let’s not even get started about the free products or free food you get.

Stress Score: 48.5
Growth Rate: 7%

7. Senior Corporate Executive

Must be really stressful having to answer to both your boss and clients at the same time. You might even have to take the time off to mentor the people under you from time to time – which can be pretty daunting when all the workload and stress falls on you.

Stress Score: 48.56
Growth outlook: 6%

6. Newspaper Reporter

Similar to the broadcaster, it’s not easy being a newspaper reporter these days because the competition is really high and you always have to come up with newer and more interesting headlines than your peers.

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Still, even though the stress is there, the experience will be totally worth it once you realise how much your work can influence the public!

Stress Score: 49.9
Growth outlook: -8%

5. Event Coordinator

Well, when it comes to planning for an event, it often have to start months before the actual day. You’ll also have to be accountable for the nitty gritty details like the food vendors, RSVP, etc and it can get really stressful at times.

However, if you are someone who loves to micromanage and plan everything to the finest details, this job will be suitable for you!

Stress Score: 51.15
Growth outlook: 10%

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4. Police Officer

Very often, the TV and movies portray these officers to have a really good life and job – always being on the move and having to deal with illegal drug activities, etc.

What you don’t know is that they still have to deal with the public requests, and it takes a good deal of patience to ‘tackle’ whatever the netizens have to say at times – because you know how some aunties can overreact over the smallest issues.


Stress Score: 51.68
Growth outlook: 4%

3. Airline Pilot

Granted, they get to travel all around the world, but you should also take note that the lives of 100+ passengers lies in your hand during that 12-hour flight. So you have to stay alert at all times and make sure that the flight is going as expected.

You’ll also have to learn how to navigate the clouds and calm your passengers down when a turbulence arises! And not to mention being in so many different countries in a mere month, which mean leaving your family members for almost 50% of your life.

Stress Score: 60.54
Growth outlook: 5%

2. Firefighter

Nope, not easy being a hero, fighting crimes trying to save the world. Being a firefighter is one of the most dangerous of all – because if you don’t wear the right equipment and get your clothes sorted out, you might perish.


Stress Score: 72.68
Growth outlook: 5%

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

Surprised? Well, the job of a military personnel is harder than you think. Now, can you all stop STOMP-ing those poor soldiers in the train?

Stress Score: 72.74
Growth outlook: N/A

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