These Fave Asia Video Parodies Are Gaining More Influence than the Original


Now, unless you’ve been dwelling in a cave, you should have seen this video (the original video has been removed; this is a re-upload):

Netizens weren’t happy with the message it is trying to convey, and it seems like Fave Asia saw merits in their haters’ comments and promptly removed the video, while also issuing an apology on their Facebook Page.

But the Internet doesn’t forget, so you can bet on parodies being produced faster than you expect.

The first, which has Mr Brown doing a voiceover with Singlish on the original video, was uploaded within days upon the uproar.

Next came a YouTuber, Preetipls, which comprises several subtle funny moments that you might need to watch twice to understand.

And of course, from Clicknetwork, with powerhouses like Xiaxue, Jianhao Tan and Dee Kosh.

And before anyone gets all worked up over, you know, influencers, here’s a chill pill.


Since you’re here, why not check out Goody Feed’s YouTube videos as well? They’re so Singaporean, I bet you’ll like them!

Featured Image: YouTube (Clicknetwork) & (Preetipls)

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