Think It’s Hot Now? The Weather For The Second Half Of Oct Is Even Crazier

Singapore is pretty hot: not the ‘sibei attractive’ kind of hot, but the ‘tmd I just showered and I’m sweating already’ kind of hot.

But there are times when it’s not just pretty hot.

It gets burning hot.

In fact, it was so humid yesterday (18 October 2017) that I reckon I could have fried an egg on the pavement. All I needed was the sun, and probably the egg.

I recall waiting at the train platform and thinking, “When the **** is the damn train going to come?” My T-shirt looked like it’s been through a Tsunami (no exaggeration there) and is sticking to my body in the most unflattering ways.

Exasperated, I took out my phone to avoid eye contact with that lady who’s casting me disgusted looks (ironic because she looked like she’s been through a 42km marathon herself), and typed rather vigorously into the search box.

“ temperature”

I clicked on the first link, and I died.


Weather Outlook: 16 –  31 October 2017

  1. The prevailing Southwest Monsoon conditions are forecast to weaken and give way to Inter-monsoon conditions in the second half of October 2017. During the second fortnight of October 2017, the low level winds are forecast to be light and variable in direction, characteristic of the inter-monsoon season which is expected to extend into November 2017.
  2. Compared to the first half of October 2017 where thundery showers fell over the island on most days, the second half of October 2017 can expect a mix of dry and wet weather conditions. In the third week of October 2017, a few dry and warm weather days can be expected, and for the rest of the second fortnight, short-duration thundery showers are forecast to fall mostly in the afternoon on four to six days. On a few of these days, the thundery showers could extend into the evening. In addition, on one or two days, the eastward passage of Sumatra squalls could bring widespread thundery showers accompanied by gusty winds over Singapore between the predawn hours and early morning. Overall, the rainfall for October 2017 is expected to be slightly above normal.
  3. The daily temperature on most days in the second fortnight of October 2017 is forecast to range between 24°C and 33°C. On a few days when the weather is expected to be dry and warm, or when there is strong solar heating coupled with winds that are light, the daily maximum temperature could lie between 34°C and 35°C.
Image: Imgflip
Image: Imgflip

So… what should you do?

I have compiled a list of Bear Grylls’ survival techniques that YOU can use during this Desert Period.

First, you got to drink more water. Spam it. Dunk your head in it if you must. Dehydration is a huge no-no.

Second, wear the thinnest layers you can find. Thick, suave clothes might be all the rage now, but your life is more important. Don’t suffer a heatstroke just because you want to impress that Xiao Lian.

Recommended clothes: singlet, bermudas, slippers.

For girls, just stick to whatever you’ve been wearing. If you wear any thinner, men will die for reasons other than a heatstroke.

Third, try not to leave your house unless you have to. You know what they say, “I can’t get killed by the sun if I don’t face it in the first place.”

Potential drawbacks: never leaving your house for the rest of your life because you discovered how amazing it is.

Fourthly, get updated about the weather 24/7, so that you know the least dangerous times to step into the wilderness.

MSS website (
NEA website (

Alternatively, you can download the myENV app, or the MSS’ [email protected] app.

And there we have it folks, the foolproof, tried-and-tested survivalist skills needed to survive Singapore’s most trying period yet.

Best of luck, and may we meet again in November.

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