Think You’re Brave? Kiosk Attendants Fight Robbers at Malaysian Petrol Station


Ok, I gotta be frank here.

There’s a fine line between bravery and foolhardiness. In this case, I don’t actually know which is it.

Two employees at a Petrol Station in Muar, Malaysia, put up a fierce fight against three robbers. The incident took place on 5 Dec at around 3.50 am.

Two of the robbers arrived on a motorcycle and staged a robbery while the last one remained outside, presumably to keep watch.

A fight soon broke out between the robbers and one of the employees, causing the employee to be slashed on his hand by a machete.

Here’s a video of the incident for those who are interested.


The other employee who was inside the store came out of the store to intervene, attacking one of the robbers on the motorcycle.

The first employee took the opportunity to pick up a folding chair and used it as a weapon to attack the last remaining robber.

At one point, one of the employees also picked up what appears to be a metallic garbage bin, using it as a weapon.

It would appear that the employees had the upper hand at this moment. However, the other two robbers came back for their friend and joined in the fight.

Unarmed and outnumbered, the employees could not take down the assailants. At the end of the video, the robbers escaped the scene, leaving the injured employees on the ground.

One of the motorbikes stolen by the robbers belonged to one of the employees, reportedly costing approximately RM10,000.

Due to the heroic actions of the employees, the petrol station did not suffer any losses. However, the employees suffered injuries on their hands due to the machetes used by the robbers.

Personally, I thought it was brave of them to fight back. After all, I would also do that to protect my motorbike! (Hey, vehicles are expensive in Singapore, you know.)


That being said, I hope the company buys a new motorbike for the employee and compensate them for their bravery!


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