Student Risked Her Life to Fight Off Robbers ‘Coz of Her…Thesis

Would you risk your life to fight off robbers trying to grab your bag containing the only copy of your master degree’s thesis?

Not everyone will, but this young lady from Johannesburg did.

Noxolo Ntuli, 26, is a medical scientist at the National Health Laboratory Service. She was walking down a relatively deserted road when she was targeted by two armed robbers.

As the hard disk containing her almost completed thesis was in her bag at that time, she grappled with the two robbers despite the fact that one of them threatened to shoot her in her head.

As reported by BBC, Ms Ntuli said that there was no way she will allow the robbers to take her bag containing the precious hard disk.

“I was thinking about my masters. I’m almost done with what I’m writing, there’s no way I will let them take it,” she said.


The attackers took her lunch bag but failed to take her other bag which she held on to with dear life.

She did not give up even when one of the robbers put the gun to her head and threatened to shoot her if she did not let go. She rolled herself into a ball and made herself as heavy as possible to discourage the robbers from lifting her into the car.

In the end, the robbers gave up and only took her lunch bag before fleeing the scene. Ms Ntuli was left alone and she ran for her life when she realised that the robbers had given up.

Looking back now, Mr Ntuli admitted that her actions were foolish, and she could have been killed. She advised others to give whatever the robbers wanted, should they ever meet such an unfortunate incident. “You can always write again,” she said.

Footage of the scuffle was caught on the security cameras attached to the nearby homes and sent to the Police. The alleged robbers were arrested and founded to be in possession of a gas gun (so it’s not a real gun!).

Ms Ntuli has since backed up her work and asked others not to follow her bad and foolish example.

So, would you have fought off the robbers if you were in Ms Ntuli’s unfortunate situation? It is an instinct to protect what you have spent a lot of time to work on, but using your precious life to protect it is probably not the wisest thing.

Perhaps, Singaporeans might protect their smartphones instead, because their thesis is saved into their #Dropbox and the password is stored into their smartphone! #justsaying #firstworldproblems

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