This Attraction is 10 Times More Gruesome than Haw Par Villa


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I’m pretty sure most, if not all, of you guys have heard of Singapore’s Haw Par Villa. Haw Par Villa is famous for all the gruesome depictions of Chinese folklore’s 10 Courts of Hell. If you thought all those images you saw was horrifying, wait till you visit Thailand’s Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden.

The Wang Saen Suk Monastery Garden (or also known as Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden or Thailand Hell Horror Park) is a wat (a monastery temple) which was meant to describe and depict Naraka (Buddhist hell).

This place that took six years to build was built on a small budget by the head monk, Pra Kru Vishanjalikon who said that he could see all these images in his dreams/visions. People often visited the temple to confess their sins that caused him to start thinking what he could do for those people; how he could remind them of what’s right and what’s wrong. His purpose is to help people think about goodness and morality – that’s the reason behind why this place was built.

It’s located outside of Chang Mai, Thailand, at Sai 2, Soi 19, Saen Suk.


There are many statues in this attraction which are extremely gruesome (10 times worse than our very own Haw Par Villa) which may cause nightmares for those who are weak at heart. They show what kind of treatment you will get based the weight of negative karma that would bring you to this place, Naraka.

According to the Traiphuum Phra Ruang, the newly-dead are brought before the ‘Death King’, Phya Yom. It is him who informs you of your fate after comparing your list of good deeds (which are inscribed on a gold plate) against any bad deeds you have done in life (which are listed on a scrap of dog skin).


There are two large figurines named “Nai Ngean’ and ‘Nang Thong’ that stand high above the tortured souls of the garden; they are known as Preta, the ‘hungry ghosts’ of Thai folklore. Around their feet are arranged 21 tortured souls, each with the head of a different animal. These reflect the nature of each soul’s sin based on these sayings:

“Ones who make a corruption are punished in the hell, they are named as the spirits of the pigs.”

“Ones who sell the habit-performing drugs are punished in the hell, they are named as the spirits of the cows.”

For those who like to lie, curse and talk nonsense while they are alive, there’s a ghost with a pinhole-size mouth which represented them. There is also a ghost who is seen eating her own child; this is the ghost of people who has done abortion. There’s a lot more than these few. You’d be both shocked and surprise to see such realistic example of what could happen to you in the afterlife if you are found guilty of doing all the things mentioned.

All the sights seen in this garden is not a walk in the park. Admittedly we are not all saints and have done some bad actions in one way or another (gossiping counts, by the way), but ultimately if our good deeds outweigh the bad, we would not end up in such places.

For the more adventurous peeps, you may want to add this to your sightseeing list when you visit Thailand next time.

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