This Gatecrash with Imperial Dynasty Theme Turning into K-pop Theme Just Upped the Game in S’pore

So you think you’ve seen the weirdest wedding gatecrashes in Singapore, with themes like Power Rangers, Spartans and even McDonald’s.

Well, don’t bet on it, because here’s the gatecrash of the gatecrash. At least, so far.

With the theme of an imperial dynasty, the brothers comprise scholar-officials, concubines and even eunuchs. And if you watch the video, you’ll know that they play their roles superbly.

And the best part of the gatecrash? The games were conducted in an HDB playground, so you can imagine how embarrassed they would have been.

But that isn’t the game-changer. The groom and his band of brothers even transformed into K-pop stars, dancing at—you’ve guessed it—an HDB walkway.

With even the groom trying so hard that his pants fall.

With over 3K shares and over 230K views in four days, you can expect your future wife, if you’re not married, to have seen this.

The reason why bubble tea is addictive is due to a secret ingredient. Watch what it is here: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

Good luck to all boyfriends out there. Pokemon theme not used yet, right?

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*All images are screenshot from Facebook (Si Ting) 

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