This Simple Hack will Ensure that You Won’t Need to Pee During a Movie Again


Last Updated on 2023-03-29 , 8:14 pm

Hands up if you find this sentence familiar: “Let’s go to the toilet right before the movie starts; I won’t want to pee when the movie is ongoing.”

You’re not alone if you realize that, halfway through the movie, you’re on high tide despite your best efforts to prevent that.

There must be a solution, right? Of course, other than downloading this app that tells you when the best time to go for your toilet break is, is there a way to avoid going to the toilet altogether?

Yes, there is.

It’s easier than you can imagine. You simply don’t put in any extra effort to avoid going to the toilet for two hours.

If you think about it, we usually don’t go to the toilet every two hours. It can be three hours, five hours or even eight hours per toilet break, yet we insist on going to the toilet before the movie starts, even when our bladder is pretty empty.


The logic here is quite simple: it’s all about the intervals between your toilet breaks. Let’s say on a normal day, the interval is four hours. You basically don’t need to do anything if that’s the case.

However, if you try to squeeze out every drop of urine from you after one hour, your toilet interval will be changed to every hour.

That’s when you would need to pee every one hour—instead of every four hours. It’s essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy if you try too hard.

So next time, before a movie, maybe you can just relax and buy your popcorn. No urge to go to the toilet?

Well, head straight to the hall then!

Lest you’re not aware, this “hack”, if you would still call it, is used by many who take long bus rides.

So if it’s working for so many people, it’ll work for you, too.

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