This S’porean Man’s Viral Ad as Boyfriend for Hire Makes You Want Him as a Real BF

We can all see our aunties’ questions way before they’re even asked, and it’s going to be no different this Lunar New Year. However, this time, Singaporeans are going out of their way to keep those questions at bay.

On Facebook, a quirky young man has resorted to renting himself out for the upcoming relative meets. Between things like ‘our nosy middle aged aunty will be subdued by me’ and ‘perfect 10/10 mid-tier arm candy’, he might be the lucky guy bringing a girl around during Lunar New Year visiting.

Let’s just hope his inability to accomplish the Standing Broad Jump won’t put prospects off, since SBJ is no longer a station in IPPT now.

Actually, his list does cover the worries Singaporeans have, as the Chinese tend to care a lot about how they appear to others, be it strangers or loved ones, and during the gatherings it seems nothing matters more.

Online agencies like Rent-a-Gent or Singapore Man have made such rentals more efficient, and users are said to have been successful in halting the incessant questions about boyfriends and marriage.

This is not the only instance of partner renting out there, as China’s traditional mindsets have left 20- to 30-year-olds worried about how they will appear to their family and friends during the festive season. Prices can go up to over $200, which do not include travel costs or meals that the ‘couple’ may have to take during the act.

Both male or female can advertise to the partner of their choice and set the boundaries between themselves, and it seems this practice will not be stopping anytime soon unless the culture takes an 180-degree turn.

Are you one of the victims of these irritating questions and would you advertise yourself out for the New Year? Whatever your answer is, we hope your aunts and uncles will be content with your pre-prepared answers this year.

If not, just rent one.

Just remember, it’s only available from 初二.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Minghan Ong)

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