A Hack to Unclog a Clogged Toilet Bowl That Works Like Magic

If you’ve never unclogged a clogged toilet bowl before, you’re got a pretty blessed life, though I’m sure you’re guilty of clogging one before, whether it’s due to your thicker-than-usual shit or simply a malfunction (in either you or the toilet bowl).

There’re many reasons for a clogged toilet bowl, but on most occasions, contrary to popular belief, it’s not caused by someone’s hard-as-rock poop, but by an object that accidentally got into the pipe or simply an overuse of toilet paper that somehow solidifies.

Though you’ve got to admit that if your poo is hard, it’d be considered an “object” #justsaying

Image: Tenor

Of course, one of the key objects stuck is a used sanitary pad, so if you’ve the habit of tossing your pad into the toilet bowl (which, once you’ve reached puberty, you should be told not to), you’ll better stop now.

And toilet bowl clogs usually occur at the most unexpected time—like hours before your friends come to your house for dinner, or when you really need to take a dump.

Although plungers are readily available in neighbourhood shops, you might not have one at home.

Fret not: plungers are not necessarily needed if you know this trick.

Before anything, you should note this: if the first flush doesn’t work, leading the water level in the toilet bowl to rise higher than usual, do not flush it again.

Chances are, it’s already choked, so flushing it again will overflow the toilet bowl and wet the floor with you-know-what.

Image: gifsoup.com
Image: gifsoup.com

The trick is to pour shampoo or liquid soap into the toilet bowl, and then hot water. After that, wait for a few hours and flush again.

Yup, it’s that simple.

The logic behind this is that due to the hot water, the toilet bowl will expand a little, allowing the object stuck in the bowl to be drained off. The shampoo or soap is used to make the water more “slippery”, so as to reduce the friction between the object and the toilet bowl.

We have once tried it in our previous office toilet bowl and it worked like magic. However, of course, it might not work all the time—if it is still choked after a few hours, it’s time to use a plunger or call a plumber.

Or simply put up a notice in your house or office, telling occupants not to throw anything solid into the toilet bowl.

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