Tiger Launches New #SupportOurStreets Campaign For Local F&B Community; Will Give Free Beer Away To Contributors

The Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t just take lives and our jobs.

It can also potentially kill off Singapore’s unique hawker culture, which almost became a UNESCO intangible cultural asset.

Since the circuit breaker measures kicked in on 7 April 2020, you can literally hear hawkers scream as they see a drop in earnings, some as much as 80%.

And yet, some of these selfless hawkers have still gone ahead with helping others.

Like this Chicken Rice stall that decided to buy and give Nasi Lemak to food delivery riders and these hawkers who gave food away to the needy.

An F&B owner once famously said, “I might not survive. But if my business goes down, it should go out with a bang.”

Well, guess what? They’re in need of help now.

Tiger #SupportOurStreets Campaign

Tiger has always been a huge supporter of local food in Singapore. Since 2016, they have been supporting Singapore’s hawker culture with their #uncagestreetfood campaign.

Because as they’ve been saying for so many years, “there won’t be any Tiger Beer without our iconic street food”.

And now, they’re rallying Singaporeans to come together and give a helping hand by making a $10 contribution to their newly launched ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative via the link: https://supportourfnb.tigerbeer.com.sg/ as part of the #SupporOurStreets Campaign.

Image: Tiger Singapore

#SupportOurStreets aims to help the local F&B community like coffee shops, food courts, bars, pubs and restaurants get through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Launched on 17 April 2020, Tiger has started the ball rolling with a $100,000 injection into the fund.

They have also pledged to contribute $600,000 in beer product sponsorship to support the recovery of the F&B industry.

And they’re hoping to raise $300,000 from Singaporeans who love our local food, like you and me.

How To Contribute:

The campaign will run from now until 31 May 2020. Each contribution will be $10 and you can contribute as many times as you like.

And to sweeten the deal, besides that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, you’ll also get your “money back” in the form of 2 x Tiger or Tiger Crystal for free.

Okay, I’m kidding, it’s not a “money back” kind of deal; they just want to give a token of appreciation for your kindness.

Image: Tiger Singapore

But the free beer won’t be given to you on the spot.

Instead, they’ll be given to you in the form of digital vouchers which you can redeem at participating F&B outlets when the Covid-19 situation gets better.

Pretty smart, if you ask me.

As of the time of writing, almost $115,000 in contributions have been made. A long way more to go before hitting the $400,000 target!

Image: Tiger Singapore

All contributions are collated weekly and ALL proceeds go directly to your local F&B outlet.

This won’t be the only initiative that Tiger is coming out with. If you want to see what else Singapore’s resident beer experts can come up with, you can follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with Tiger Beer.