Clementi Hawker Gives Free Nasi Lemak & Drinks to Food Delivery Personnel to Thank Them For Their Service


Previously on #SGHawkersUnited…

Some hawkers in Singapore are selling their food at way-below cost price or giving it away to people in need.

Their rationale: We’re losing money anyway, might as well do some good while we can.

And to make it even better, some of them are rejecting monetary donations from kind Singaporeans; instead, they ask for you to spread the word to those who really need the food.

And now…

Clementi Hawker Gives Free Nasi Lemak & Drinks to Food Delivery Personnel to Thank Them For Their Service

During this trying time, delivery riders are working hard to provide Singaporeans who are stuck at home their food.

And this hawker in Clementi wants to show a bit of appreciation for their efforts.


By giving them free nasi lemak and drinks.

This is Hong Xing Li Hainanese Chicken Rice’s stall in Clementi.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Reader Bao: Wait…this is a chicken rice stall.


Reader Bao: And he’s providing nasi lemak…?


Reader Bao: Why not chicken rice?!


Well, my smoochylittlebaobao, if you’re really curious, it was because the owner knows that not everyone can eat chicken rice (since it’s not halal).

He wants to show appreciation to all food delivery personnel so he settled on halal nasi lemak instead which everyone can enjoy.

Image: Giphy

We’ll Like To Join Hands in #SGUnited

According to a Facebook post on All Singapore Stuff, a sign fixed to the nasi lemak said that they know how hard the delivery riders are working during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

In solidarity with #SGUnited, they’ll like to buy these delivery riders a nasi lemak and a drink.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)
Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

The drinks were even stored in a styrofoam box, helping it keep the drinks ice cold as long as possible.

Image: Giphy

But do you know what I think is the best part?

The fact that the nasi lemak and drinks seem to be unsupervised and riders are trusted to just take one for themselves.

Aww, faith in humanity restored.

Now if only those buggers would stop breaching circuit breaker measures so that we can all return to normalcy soon, that would be great.

Riders can head on down to the stall at Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre to enjoy their free meal, although where they can dine at is still a question that remains to be answered.