Resident Keeps Over 10 Birds in His HDB Flat That Often Make Noise at 5am & 12am


A resident living in Block 61 on Chai Chee Road owns more than ten birds, four of which are parrots that frequently chirp, causing many surrounding residents to complain and lament about the disturbance it causes.

It’s alright to own pets, but let’s all agree that having more than five of the same species—fishes excluded—is a bit of an overkill.

The Constant Squawking

A Shin Min Daily News reader, Ms Huang, a 22-year-old university student, told the Chinese newspaper that the tenant living on the 10th floor owns many birds.

He tends to hang the bird cages by the kitchen and living room windows, and there were numerous instances where he would hang the bird cages outside.

Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

Among them, the squawks from the four parrots are the loudest and most ear-piercing, to the point where the residents on the same floor and those below are constantly disturbed by the noise.

Ms Huang’s family happened to get the literal shitty end of the deal as her family lives right below his flat unit.

Their kitchen is situated beneath the spots where he hangs his bird cages.

Hence, stray feathers would frequently drift into their house and bird droppings would also land on their windowsills. Worse, they are the ones who have to constantly clean up the mess that’s left behind, or else they’d be greeted with a nasty view.

Furthermore, the parrots would chirp around five or six in the morning, or emit noises around midnight, making it hard for anyone to get a peaceful rest.

Mate, we no longer live on farms where we need a rooster’s crow to gauge what time of the morning it is.

Our alarms are annoying enough, thanks.

Better question: does this tenant wear ear plugs to sleep, hence why he’s so unaffected by the noise his birds are generating?

In fact, the noise got so bad that residents from the opposite building came to look for the resident to negotiate.

Another neighbour called Anahanif (apologies if the name got butchered, name translations never go well unless it’s a well-established figure) stated that his family moved in last year. The 16-year-old teen has never met the neighbour in question, but he would hear the parrots clucking two to three times a week.

Another neighbour who wishes to remain anonymous also pointed out that whenever their neighbour’s main door is open, the noise is almost intolerable.

Since they couldn’t do anything to curb his bird-keeping hobbies, they could only remind their neighbour to keep his door closed.


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Bird Owner: Releasing My Birds, You Happy, I Not Happy

When the Chinese newspaper reporters tried to secure an interview a few days ago (23 May) and the night before that, no one answered the door.

However, the reporters noted that light was filtering out from beneath the door, and they could hear the continuous barking noises.

He owns a dog too?

Interestingly enough, the resident pasted a warning on his door, expressing that the corridor was under surveillance. Below that, a taped hand-written note writes:

“Letting go of my birds, you’ll be happy [but] I won’t be happy. What people do; the Heavens are watching.”

Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

It is believed that the note is related to the frequent complaints he receives from his neighbours.

Good sir, I believe the latter sentence should be directed towards you

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报