S’pore Tour Group Stuck in New Zealand for 2 Days As Tour Agency Didn’t Confirm Return Flight Details

Holidays can be a hassle to plan, especially if you’re travelling to places that are unfamiliar.

Thus, many opt to book their holidays with tour agencies to simplify the process.

Travellers can then enjoy their holiday without worrying about what hotel to book, which attractions to visit and which flight to catch… Well, most of the time.

Stranded Without a Return Flight Home

A Facebook user, Faith Tan Poh Hun, took to Facebook page Complaint Singapore on 12 December to share her less than pleasant tour experience.

Tan had allegedly booked a tour to New Zealand with Chan Brothers Travel from 30 November to 12 December.

According to her, the tour ended with the entire tour group being “stranded for two days without a return flight home.”

The tour group were slated to return to Singapore on board Air New Zealand.

However, she said that the tour agency had “terrible service” and had expected them to “wait and wait instead of booking the next available flight back using other available airlines.”

Tour Guide’s Response

Tan also uploaded screenshots of the tour group’s chat and the tour guide’s responses.

In the chat, the tour members can be seen chasing the tour guide for updates on the status of their return flight.

When pressed for more details, the tour guide simply says, “I don’t know”, suggesting the uncertainty of the situation.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

The tour guide also emphasized that the agency is waiting to hear back from the airline.

However, one of the tour members said that there must be alternative routes or flights that can be booked because “not everyone has the time to wait around for another day.”

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

The response? Wait, wait and… wait some more.

The tour guide tells the group to “wait for the airline” at least twice amidst some of the tour members worrying about accommodation.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

The tour members were allegedly asked to check out of the hotel by 10am the next day and were worried that they would have to wait at the airport.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

One of the tour member’s attempts to contact the tour agency’s chat for help in expediting their flight home also proved futile.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

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Latest Updates

On 12 December at 3:59pm, Tan updated the post thanking everyone for their advice and kind words.

She added that they have confirmed return flights for the group on 15 December via Malaysia Airlines (transit at Kuala Lumpur).

Tan said that this was “not the most ideal” as the group had paid for Air New Zealand but that it was “better than nothing”.

On 13 December at 5:41am, Tan said that the agency managed to expedite “midnight seats earlier today” for group members with chronic health conditions.

The other group members’ flights have also been moved up a day earlier to 14 December.

However, according to Tan, some of the group members are already flying home on their own expense.


In response to the post, some Facebook users felt that the travel agency should release an official statement in response to the incident.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

Others suggested that the problem lies with the airlines and not the tour agency.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

Another said that the tour guide could be more proactive and comforting.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

One Facebook user pointed out that it is “very scary” to be stranded.

Image: Facebook (Faith Tan Poh Hun)

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