Ice Magic Security Guard Reportedly Got Into Fight With Customer Over Fallen Wristband

While Elsa would probably tell you to “Let it Go” when you face any frustrations, it seems like that wasn’t the face for two patrons (and a security guard) at a snow-themed event on Sunday (11 December).

In fact, they got into a fight at Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice, the biggest winter playground in Singapore.

Not very festive of them, eh?

And if you’re wondering about the reason behind the fight, it’s apparently a wristband.

Uh, yes. a band that you wear on your wrist. Nothing more than that.

What Happened

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a reader who provided a tip-off recounted how he heard quarrelling noises at around 4 pm on Sunday (11 December) when he was at Ice Magic.

After that, a security guard and a patron started fighting.

The reader, who was not named, said that the conflict likely arose as the patron’s wristband slipped out of his hand and dropped to the floor while the security guard was scanning patrons’ wristbands to admit them into the area.

The reason why the wristband slipped out is unknown, but the patron seemed to have signalled for the security guard to help pick the wristband up.

With that, the argument between the duo soon began, with the patron’s father joining in as well.

The security guard then started a fight with the patron, perhaps out of impulse.

The reader also explained that the patron and security guard had already begun hitting each other when the reader noticed the commotion.

Upon witnessing the altercation, the reader walked over, picked the wristband up and attempted to stop the fight.

Police Was Called Afterwards

Apart from that, the reader also recalled how the security guard called the police afterwards.

The police then arrived at the playground to interrogate those involved.

According to observations, the younger male patron had injuries, but they seemed minor.

Afterwards, the police confirmed that this incident had indeed happened.

Three men between the ages of 39 and 69 were involved, with the 39-year-old sustaining minor injuries. However, he declined to be transported to the hospital.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

More About Ice Magic: The Greatest Fantasy on Ice

If you’re looking for a way to escape the heat in a more affordable fashion this year, why not take a break from the sweltering heat at Ice Magic: The Greatest Fantasy on Ice?

The ice playground, which has been open since 1 December this year and will continue operations until 1 January next year, is located at Bayfront.

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Apart from a 4.5 metre-tall slide and snow slopes constructed out of real snow, sports activities such as cycling, bowling and hockey are available too.

For the photogenic ones among us, different sculptures, such as the iconic Coca-Cola bear and the merlion, are also available to take photos with.

Last but not least, food and drinks like rosti, cookies, beer and cocktails are also sold at the venue.

In fact, it’s so much fun that we sent two of our own there! (Unfortunately, our blue cat didn’t get to tag along this time.)

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Tickets are priced from $25 and can be bought at Sistic.

Each day has three admission slots (10 am, 3 pm and 7 pm), so there’s definitely a timeslot that fits into your schedule.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News