Trevor Noah’s 2016 Video Predicts What Has Happened in 2020 & It’s No Longer Funny

If you’re a fan of satirical news programmes, you’re probably familiar with Trevor Noah.

The South African comedian is the host of The Daily Show.

Image: Deadline

The show uses comedy and satire to examine the political news of the day.

Like many other hosts of talk shows, Noah now has to do his show from home, which is no easy feat considering you have to tell jokes in an empty room.

Noah and other comedy show hosts like John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Myers are keeping people sane during the coronavirus outbreak with their amusing take on the Covid-19 crisis.

But in addition to making people laugh, Noah also seems to have prophetic powers.

Trevor Noah’s 2016 Video Predicts What Has Happened in 2020 & It’s No Longer Funny

In 2016, The Daily Show uploaded this video to their very popular YouTube channel:

The video was supposed to be a comical take on what life would be like four years after Donald Trump became President of the US.

Instead, it accurately predicted how shitty things would be in 2020.

The video starts off with scenes of a post-apocalyptic world; hardly anyone is out on the streets and the caption says life under Trump has been “really bad”.

Image: YouTube (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

This is pretty accurate; with the Covid-19 outbreak keeping everyone in their homes, the streets now look like something out of Fallout.

Image: YouTube (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

He also predicted that Trump would evade news outlets except those he approved of.

Image: YouTube (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

Trump: Fake news!

Moreover, the 2016 video predicted that America would go “double bankrupt”, which is not too far off considering how badly battered the economy is right now.

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Not impressed yet? Noah also says that Trump would turn against Europe and alienate Asia by 2020.

According to Carnegie Endowment, Trump has soured relations between the US and Europe by imposing tariffs and being indifferent to climate change.

And suspending all travel from Europe during the Covid-19 outbreak didn’t help things, of course.

As for alienating Asia, everyone is aware of Trump’s disdain for China ever since the coronavirus first emerged.

He’s called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus”, accused the country of a cover-up, and even threatened to sever their “whole relationship”.

And heck, Tom Hanks is mentioned in the video.


How the heck is this video so accurate?

Also Predicted Working From Home

In the segment, Noah does his show in an empty theatre and says that he misses having an audience.

This, too, came true as Noah now does his show from home.

The comedian ends the video urging Americans to vote in the 2020 election, presumably against Trump.


One wonders how they managed to get so many things right in a comedy sketch, of all things.

Paid Staff Salaries With His Own Money

In addition to being funny and prophetic, Noah is also a charitable person.

As you know, many employees have lost their jobs or had to go on unpaid leave due to a decline in revenue during the Covid-19 outbreak.

When The Daily Show shifted to Noah’s house, some employees who could not work remotely like camera operators and audio technicians had to go on unpaid leave.

But Noah, being the nice guy that he is, said he’d pay the wages of 25 staff members “in full” from his own pockets.


And he will continue to do so until production “begins to ramp up in the television industry”, he promised.

Image: Giphy

I’m sure many are glad that we have this gem of a human during this crisis. With leaders all over the world saying spouting lies, sometimes you need a comedian to tell the truth.

Though no one is laughing.

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