We Tried Long John Silver’s Waffle Breakfast & Here’s What We Think

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of #TGIFF, where we put our health (lives) on the line just to talk about fast food.

…No, I’m serious. Just look at what happened the week before.

The night after the challenge, I spent a good 30 minutes sitting on my toilet bowl.


So, can you imagine the look on our faces when our video guy told us to do another speed eating challenge?

Here’s a picture-aid:

(Damn you, Tan Ming Kai Justin)

Anyway, that was that. This week, we’re taking a look at everyone’s favourite go-to place for fast-food style seafood.

(Tadahhhh! Need I say more?)

…Actually, yes. This is what I’m being paid to do.

We’ve always associated LJS with fried fish and shrimps. So, people tend to overlook the breakfast sets of LJS.

All right, fans of McDonald’s Big Breakfast! Time to put down your fork and knife and witness the Waffle Platter with Turkey Bacon from LJS!

Hmm, doesn’t look too shabby in my opinion. Nothing to complain about regarding the presentation!

Let’s start with the waffle and the sausage.

The waffle is surprisingly spongy! It’s nice to bite into and I wouldn’t mind buying the breakfast just for the waffle! I was actually expecting something like a piece of stale bread. It’s mildly sweet, so some Maple syrup would definitely add to the flavour.

As for the sausage, it’s… pretty decent. It’s almost identical to McDonald’s. Can’t really think much to say about this one! Flavour wise, I actually prefer this over McDonald’s.

Though, I think it’s smaller in size when compared to McDonald’s!

Next up, the eggs and hashbrown.

According to Zhi Hao, our resident handsome boy, the scrambled eggs look yellow like scrambled eggs should.

…I don’t, I uhh, what other colours were you expecting, Zhi Hao?

After tasting the egg, we both agreed that McDonald’s scrambled eggs are way nicer. McDonald’s eggs are fluffier and juicier, while the scrambled eggs of LJS are just… lacking.

Anyway, there’s nothing too special about the hashbrown. Just your standard deep fried variant (meh).

Last but not least, the turkey bacon.

Now, this I like. I prefer my meat juicy and tender. McDonald’s bacon is way too crispy for me. It would be great if LJS can give us more turkey bacon though!

Overall, I would give this breakfast set a 7/10.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly pick it over the breakfast options offered by other fast-food joints. However, I don’t mind going back for the waffle!

What do you guys think? Do you like the LJS breakfast sets?

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