We Tasted KFC’S, BK’s and MCD’s Cheese Fries And Here’s The Clear Winner


Cheese fries—this ubiquitous fast food dish has been pushed to the spotlight ever since McDonald’s released their Cheesy Loaded Fries.

My colleague even penned a scathing article on it. The problem was the cheese or the lack thereof.

We weren’t the only one ones who were appalled at the amount of cheese provided, a slew of angry foodies also expressed their disdain on McDonald’s Facebook.

Then KFC decided to jump in and stir the pot, and Burger King chimed in.

2 days ago, McDonald’s broke their silence and apologized for their subpar cheese fries, promising us that they would provide the right amount of cheese this time around.

With three fast-food behemoths in the fray—Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, it is only fair to compare their version of the cheese fries and also coz’ it’s TGIFF!

If you’re more of a visual person who would like to watch a video instead, here’s one whereby my colleagues tried them and gave their verdict (which is similar to mine):

So, my colleague went over to grab three packets of cheese fries from the said fast food restaurants.

And FYI, when she was at McDonald’s, she actually saw the manager checking on every box of cheese fries before it hits the collection counter.

I guess McDonald’s isn’t here to play games.


When KFC threw shade, they mentioned that they improved their cheese fries so we decided to see if there were any difference.

Nope, it tasted the same which is still friggin’ good. We had no qualms about it.

Burger King

Since Burger King decided to join the drama, it is only fair they join this battle.

The fries were average at best, and the cheese was just not needed.


I would choose KFC’s over Burger King’s any day.

I guess they should put their money where their mouth is.


Now, the moment of truth…

Firstly, the ratio of cheese to sour cream to chicken bacon looks good.


Taste-wise, McDonald’s really redeemed itself. This what we came for—CHEESY LOADED FRIES.

The fries were crispy and salty (like how it usually tastes) but paired with the sour cream, cheese and chicken bacon…let’s just say that it might give KFC a run for its money.

The cheese really helped to cut the saltiness from the chicken bacon and the sour cream complemented the cheese (though this combination has been around since the birth of time.


Guys, McDonald’s is the clear winner here and they can take all of my money! Maybe it was a marketing stunt, but either way, kudos to McDonald’s!

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