There’s a Claw Machine in Boon Lay Shopping Centre With Trump Toilet Roll

Singaporeans are a usually apolitical bunch. In recent years, that has changed just a little bit with many affairs gaining more exposure.

Whether the current President of the United States has anything to do with that is anyone’s guess, but even the apolitical people would know and talk about this guy:

Image: Giphy

You ask, “But Goody Feed, how can you be so sure that Singaporeans now care a little more about politics?”

Oh, we’re pretty sure. Because look at this thing shared to Singapore Atrium Sale:

Donald Trump Toilet Roll In Boon Lay Shopping Centre Claw Machine

trump toilet roll
Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

You didn’t read that wrong. That isn’t a picture in America. That’s at our very local place in Boon Lay Shopping Centre. In a claw machine.

Here’s the address if you want to really check it yourself: Blk 221 Boon Lay Place #02-172, Singapore 640221

And I have to say that I’m sold. Give me your entire stock.

Image: Knowyourmeme

Trump Toilet Merchandise Already On Online Platforms

If the West is too far, you can always head online. Like in Shopee, this was already for sale:

Image: Shopee

You’re probably wondering if this toilet paper was any good. Unfortunately, more than a few comments have pointed out that the toilet paper quality is poor, and is only a single ply.

Image: Shopee

Wait, how did they know that? Did they actually use it…?

Even if the toilet paper was ultra-soft moist bamboo triple-ply with aloe vera extract, it would be extremely awkward to have Trump’s face against my ass.

Even if this image exists:

Image: Standard

For those looking for something a little more practical, you can also look to this Trump toilet brush:

Image: Shopee

But wait! Why are these products now for sale here in Singapore? Is this made for Donald Trump fans or Donald Trump haters?

For the answer to that, we can look no further than a case study in the UK.

Man Sold Trump Toilet Rolls In UK

So yeah, these toilet rolls are everywhere. And this 31-year-old man, going by the name Chan-Dog, goes around the UK spreading “positive vibes” and mental health awareness while selling Trump toilet paper.

Image: Manchester Evening News

As he tells Manchester Evening News, “I believe Donald Trump represents hate and division. He’s the most powerful man in the world, so now he’s toilet paper.”

Though, Chan-Dog isn’t exactly going around to spread Trump-hate.

His original purpose was to share his story about mental health. Previously, he suffered a mental breakdown while working in corporate finance, and soon got his life on track and wanted to make a difference to other people’s lives.

So he went around campaigning for mental health, blasting out party tunes and encouraging people to dance with him. The Trump toilet roll came later.

Who knew we could go from talking about toilet paper to mental health?

Oh, I should also mention that the US Presidential election takes place on 3 Nov 2020. But it’s 2020, so you know, anything can happen.

Maybe Kanye West will win…?

Or Trump can really delay the date of the election?

And by the way, if you want to know why people hoarded toilet rolls when COVID-19 just hit us, you might want to watch this video (and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos!):