Man at Tuas 2nd Link Shows Passport & Threatens Car for Not Giving Way to Him


There are a lot of places that a passport can get you to, but one thing it certainly can’t (or shouldn’t) get you is the right to be unreasonable on the road.

But it seems like this man driving a Malaysia-registered car didn’t realise that, for he quite literally waved his passport in another driver’s face after demanding them to give way to him.

And here’s what happened.

Honda Driver Driving Along Second Link Threatened Driver For Not Giving Way to Him

Just yesterday (6 August), the following follower-submitted video was uploaded on the SG Road Vigilante – SGRV Facebook page.

According to the caption, the incident took place on the same day just before noon along the Tuas Second Link.

In the video, which was recorded by a car’s dashboard camera, a man driving a Honda with a Malaysia-registered car plate attempted to cut right into the next lane to “cut the queue”.

The car’s car plate number, JUN9166, was also captured in full view.

Based on the footage, traffic was heavy at the customs between Singapore and Malaysia, with many Singaporeans entering Malaysia due to the National Day long weekend.

The person who submitted the video also wrote in Chinese that she is a Malaysian, and that she chose to return to Malaysia with her sister on 6 August by driving a Singapore-registered car into Malaysia.

Her car had also been stuck in the jam for almost four hours when the video was filmed.


In the video, after the Honda driver attempted to drive his black Honda into the next lane, the driver whose dashboard camera filmed the incident initially tried to move her car forward in an attempt to block him from doing so.

However, this only prompted him to wind down his car window at the driver’s seat and glare at the driver and her sister before proceeding to gesture rudely at them.

The driver added in her caption that the Honda driver did not switch on his car signal before cutting into the lane, and that she would have let him cut into her lane if he had done so in a polite manner.

She also said that the male driver saw that there were only two women in the car and that their car had a Singapore-registered car plate before he started “bullying” them.

Man Allegedly Waved Malaysian Passport

And that’s not all.

After jeering at the two ladies in the car, the man turned back into his car and fished out his passport.

He then brandished the red passport in their faces, as if it was a get-out-of-jail-for-free card of sorts.

Although it is unclear as to whether the passport was a Malaysian or Singaporean one, the driver wrote in her caption that the man was carrying a Malaysian passport.

“You took out your Malaysian passport so arrogantly. So what! Do we Malaysians have some sort of privilege? We are Malaysians too!” she wrote angrily, questioning the driver’s intentions behind trying to use his passport to justify his actions.

She also questioned if the man’s bullying was justified just because she was driving a Singapore-registered car, and if he thought that he can get away with any unreasonable behaviour on the road when driving alongside Singaporean drivers.


“Is the Malaysian passport your trump card?” she added.

“As a Malaysian, I feel incredibly ashamed of your actions!” she concluded.

Pointed at Car Plate After Cutting Into Lane

Yup, letting him cut into the lane clearly wasn’t enough for this arrogant driver.

After he successfully cut into the next lane, he got out of his car and walked towards the back of his car.

He then pointed his finger at his car plate before making another series of impatient and rude gestures, which included him pointing to his phone.

After that, he got back into his car and drove off.


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Netizens’ Reactions

The video cause much uproar after it was uploaded, and it soon garnered over 59,000 views within 14 hours of it being posted.

In the comments section, many Facebook users called the driver out for his unreasonable behaviour and agreed that it was unacceptable, regardless of the man’s nationality.

“All I can say that this kinda attitude can & will never go far in life – real pathetic,” one user wrote.

Some netizens thought that the passport waved by the man was a Singaporean one and questioned if Singapore citizens are allowed to drive cars with foreign-registered car plates, but others pointed out that the caption said otherwise.

Other Malaysians also echoed similar sentiments as the lady who submitted the video, saying that there was no reason for him to act in such an arrogant manner just because he holds a Malaysian passport.


There were also Facebook users who made light of the situation, joking that the man’s passport must be some sort of “lucky charm” to him.

One netizen even went into full FBI mode and soon found the Facebook account belonging to the Honda driver, and left a screenshot of his profile in the comments section for others to see as well.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)