Distributor of Hi-Chew Products Confirms Green Apple Flavour Won’t be Discontinued in S’pore

Unless you live under a rock, you should’ve heard about the discontinuation of the Green Apple-flavoured Hi-Chew candy.

And if you haven’t, here’s all you need to know about what exactly happened to the nostalgic confectionery product from all our childhoods.

Well, it all started on 2 August when Morinaga, the Japanese company that produces the much-beloved sweets, uploaded this “farewell” video for the Green Apple flavour of its iconic Hi-Chew sweets.

According to Morinaga’s announcements, the Green Apple-flavoured Hi-Chew, which was first introduced to the public 40 years ago in 1982, would no longer be produced by the end of August this year, retiring the 12-piece packs of this candy for good.

Netizens Scrambled to Sell the Hi-Chews Online for Exorbitant Prices

After the announcement made its way around social media, many netizens in Singapore did what some of us do whenever something gets discontinued: list it on Carousell for ridiculously high prices.

And it seems like this childhood favourite of many was not spared either, for users on Carousell began to post listings of the green apple candy with hefty price tags attached to them.

With prices up to $600 per pack and the phrase “Limited Edition” attached to the listing titles, I’m not sure if anyone’s still going to turn to the online platform to fork out copious amounts of money, now that the distributor of Morinaga products in Singapore has made an announcement.

Singapore Unaffected By Discontinuation in Japan

After the frenzy and panic over the green-coloured sweet leaving our supermarket shelves for good, here’s some good news worth rejoicing over.

DKSH, the company in charge of distributing Morinaga products in Singapore, sent Goody Feed an email to clarify that the Green Apple Hi-Chew will indeed still be produced in Singapore.

It explained that there are different versions of the sweet, and that the one available in Singapore is different from the one produced in Japan.

For comparison, Hi-Chews are produced in packs of 57g in Japan, while the Hi-Chew packs that Singapore sells are 35g each.

The Hi-Chew products sold in Singapore are also produced in Taiwan, hence making the Singapore and Japanese version of the candy different from each other.

So for those who’ve been stockpiling the Green Apple Hi-Chew sweets, you definitely don’t have to anymore, at least for the time being.

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