Woman Found Rusty Piece of Metal in PlayMade Bubble Tea; SFA Now Investigating

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When purchasing any kind of food or beverage item in Singapore, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most, if not all of us will consume the item with peace of mind.

But it’s still important to not take that kind of food safety and hygiene in our country for granted, for you never know if you may be the unlucky one who might end up getting a contaminated product.

And it seems like this Reddit user who posted their mother’s experience on the social media platform is a prime example of why.

Woman Found a Piece of Rusty Metal in PlayMade Bubble Tea Drink

For all the bubble tea lovers out there, you’ve probably heard of PlayMade, a popular bubble tea brand famous for its multiple pearl flavours and tea.

However, it’s evident that this particular cup of PlayMade bubble tea consumed by Reddit user u/onewaytrac-k’s mother was less than delicious.

Just this Wednesday (3 August), the Reddit user took to r/singapore, the Singapore subreddit, to talk about their mother’s unpleasant discovery after drinking her PlayMade bubble tea.

In her caption, they explained that their mother had bought the drink from a PlayMade outlet located at Tampines 1.

“Sucked it up [together with] the pearls and felt a metal piece,” they added, sharing about how her mother discovered the piece of metal.

The post also included images of an empty cup with a U-shaped piece of metal at the bottom, as well as a shot of the metal itself.

Based on the photos uploaded, the metal piece appeared to be rather rusty.

The Reddit user also titled the post as “Mum found this in her PlayMade drink :/ and it’s RUSTY.”

Singapore Food Agency and PlayMade Both Aware of Incident

In the caption, the Reddit user also stated that they have gotten in contact with both PlayMade and Singapore Food Agency (SFA), and that they are waiting for a response.

When contacted by MS News, SFA confirmed the incident and mentioned that investigations are currently ongoing.

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Netizens’ Reactions

After reading about the frightening and dangerous experience, many other Reddit users expressed their sympathy and concern for the Reddit user’s mother.

“Honestly glad that your mum is ok though! No amount of compensation would be enough if she was hurt / injured from swallowing this!” one user commented.

The same user also wrote, “Hope Playmade will get to the bottom of this and give you a satisfactory resolution!”


Other netizens speculated how the metal piece even ended up in the drink in the first place.

“Given how the drink is made, this probably came from the shipment of bubble jelly,” one commenter wrote.

$50 Voucher Offered

In the comments section, Reddit user u/onewaytrac-k also revealed that PlayMade had offered them a $50 voucher as compensation.

“They apologised and offered us $50 voucher… but the implications could have been so much more,” they wrote in response to a comment asking if there were any updates regarding the issue.

They also assured concerned netizens that their mother “felt the metal piece before she started chewing on the pearls”, and that she did not end up biting or swallowing it.

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Featured Image: Reddit (u/onewaytrac-k)


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