This Tuition Centre Sponsors A Ticket to Greece if You Do Well In Your Exams

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If you’ve been to a Tuition centre before, you probably didn’t enjoy it.

Not saying that your tutor was boring, but rather, it must have sucked to have tuition classes ON TOP of your normal school lessons.

Image: Giphy

Yeah I know how you feel.

But what if I tell you that there’s a Tuition Centre that not only makes classes tolerable, but even motivational?

Economics at TuitionGenius is one such tuition centre, and boy, if I were a few years younger I would totally sign up for one of their courses too.

Just look at what they have been up to.

Image: Economics at Tuition Centre Facebook Page

Can’t read? Here you go:

We hold quarterly tests in March, June & September each year to gauge the performance of our J2s. These tests help us learn how to cater our programme to help the weaker students do better and help the stronger students reach out for the elusive A grade.

At our consolidation lecture yesterday, we gave out fantastic prizes to our June & September test. Just to confirm that these prizes are real – here are the photos, names and schools of students who won!

Mid Year Test in June
Top Prize (iPad) – Karis Chan from NJC
Second Prize ($100 Kinokuniya Vouchers Each) – Goh Jun Wei & Eunice Wong, both from RVHS

Final Test in September
Top Prize (Air Ticket to Greece + $500 Cash Allowance) – Lai Siew Ping from NJC
2nd Prize (20 x GV Movie Vouchers) – Evangeline Wong from AJC
3rd Prize ($100 Starbucks Card) – Jazreel Cheong from AJC

It pays to work hard and do well in our classes! J1s – pay attention in class next year!

J2s and all ex-students – please help to share this post to create awareness!

Image: Imgflip


I’ve never been more serious in my life. Save the time I had to clean up the toilet after a bad gas outbreak, but yeah.

If you’re still doubtful, here are some verification photos.

Granted, their expressions look like mine when I try to act, but it’s 100% legit.

Image: Economics at Tuition Centre Facebook Page

Image: Economics at Tuition Centre Facebook Page

Economics at Tuition Centre

The tuition centre is helmed by Eugene Toh, who has also been the sole tutor for 10 years and counting.


And nope, You didn’t read that sole tutor part wrong. reached out to Mr Toh, and he confirms that the rewards are legit, and that he had paid them out of his own pocket to encourage kids to pursue good grades.

“I’ve been doing this for many years no,” he told Mothership. “Over the years we have been giving out air tickets to Bangkok, Seoul and the latest one being to Greece. We’ve also given many iPads, iPhones, Apple watch, [Amazon] Kindle, Bose earphones, movie vouchers, USS (Universal Studios Singapore) passes.”

Image: Economics at TuitionGenius Facebook Page

“Students have also been brought to buffet treats for doing well at JC1 exams. As long as you do well, we want to encourage you!”


“They are happy of course, and but that’s just an incentive to do well.”

Image: Economics at TuitionGenius Facebook Page

The school isn’t the conventional kind either (even more unconventional than it already was, honestly).

Mr Toh’s centres really focus on the the students’ welfare, with free flow snacks and drinks, study corners, a library and bean bags for students.

Image: Economics at TuitionGenius Facebook Page


Image: Imgflip

Mr Toh himself is a pretty hard worker too. He clocks in around 30 to 40 hours of teaching and free consultations with students, which could amount to 20 hours or more.

And the number doesn’t even include WhatsApp consultations, some of which he responds to at an ungodly timing. By ungodly I’m talking about 02:00 a.m. to 03:00 a.m.

If you smell a rat, I do too. Teachers have generally made it a point to cease contact with students after school hours, so this is a pretty different approach Toh’s taking.

And while schools normally use a rigid system to teach the students, Mr Toh’s lessons allow his students to “appreciate how Economics can be used in real life”, aside from “simplifying and explaining concepts and building his student’s competencies.”


Image: Economics at TuitionGenius Facebook Page


Image: Imgflip


Surely there’s a drawback somewhere. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, comes for free in this world.

I’m calling it: the tuition fees are probably so high only rich ass kids could strut their way there.


But well, apparently, I’m half-wrong.

Why do I say that? Firstly, price-wise, the weekly classes appear to cost the average market rate: $900 for 12 lessons.

Image: Economics at TuitionGenius website

But some of their courses do take a toll on your wallet.

For example, the study camps for each paper costs around S$800, and a combined paper study could swallow S$1,200 of your hard-earned money.


Image: Economics at TuitionGenius Registration Website

And students don’t get A’s every time either.

Image: Economics at TuitionGenius Registration Website

So one thing’s for sure: this Tuition Centre is still on Earth.

I just want to say that this is an ingenious venture.


No individual would put in 100% of his efforts if he were to work in an environment he dislikes.

Mr Toh uses that phrase, turns it back on his head and created a profitable business.

Because c’mon, who wouldn’t want to study somewhere comfortable with free flow snacks and drinks? Who wouldn’t get some added motivation in order to get that iPad?

Therefore, I have to applaud Mr Toh on his innovative approach.

However, I’m not encouraging every teacher to be like him. There’s a saying: “Too much of anything is a bad thing, even the initially ‘good things’.”


With too much comfort, kids will grow up to be reliant on comfort to perform, and I’m not sure whether every working environment could afford for that to happen.

So yeah.

And to end things off…

Image: Imgflip

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