Tuk Tuk Cha Gives 1,800 Bottles of IG-Worthy Thai Milk Tea to People in S’pore Expo & Dormitories


It is always in times of crisis where we witness solidarity in a country.

We’ve had NSFS extending their ORD dates to help fight COVID-19. We’ve seen retired Malaysian nurses voluntarily return to work to help cope with the pandemic.

This time, we have Tuk Tuk Cha giving their support during this difficult period of time.

Tuk Tuk Cha Gives 1,800 Bottles of IG-Worthy Thai Milk Tea to People in S’pore Expo & Dormitories

Tuk Tuk Cha will be subsidising 1,800 bottles of Thai Milk Tea to Singapore Expo, Sunlove Home and Dormitories.

And mind you, these bottles look so Instagram worthy that you would even want one for yourself.

Image: Facebook (Tuk Tuk Cha)

Doesn’t it resemble the ones you would see in hipster flea markets?

Image: Facebook (Tuk Tuk Cha)

Tuk Tuk Cha posted on Facebook yesterday (23 May) that we shouldn’t forget about the vulnerable groups of society as we stay home under the circuit breaker measures.

Hence, to show their support, they decided to provide their Thai milk tea to healthcare workers, old folks home, and migrant workers.

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Both red and green Thai milk tea were donated to show appreciation for the service that these communities have provided for Singapore.

Image: Facebook (Tuk Tuk Cha)
Image: Facebook (Tuk Tuk Cha)

It is very heartening to witness such kind acts during such an exhausting period, especially for the front line workers.

Play A Part To Help Fight COVID-19

Do you wish to help out, but don’t know how you can contribute?

Check out SG United, a one-stop portal to coordinate ground-up offers of help.

SG United is a platform for volunteer and donation opportunities from both charities and the public. This means that people like you and me can play a part as well.

You can choose to either donate money, essential items, or volunteer your time in response to community needs.

Not sure what to choose from? Take a look at their webpage, whereby they have different donation drives for causes which you can pick which resonates with you the most.


One example would be “Iwanttogohome” fund, which provides financial assistance to needy patients to afford medical services.

There is also a fund to support migrant workers through this COVID-19 period, given that they have been adversely affected in Singapore.

Visit www.giving.sg/sgunited to find out more about these initiatives.

Or you can just stay at home to break the chain of transmission. That helps, too.

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