Tuk Tuk Cha S’pore Now Selling Tom Yum With Boba Pearls

It’s official. The boba frenzy in Singapore has reached an all-time high.

I mean, you’d think that boba bread was the limit.

Except you came to know that bubble tea crab exists.

Image: Crab Generation Restaurant Facebook

And now, Tom Yum bubble soup.

Image: Giphy

Yes. Tom Yum. With boba pearls.

My handsome colleague who wrote about the bubble tea nightmare must be having bad dreams right now.

Boba Pearls in Tom Yum

First thing first, who created this monstrosity? Who put boba pearls into Tom Yum?!

Well, it’s none other than…

Image: ShopsinSG

Which makes sense if you tilt your head 172 degrees and squint really hard.

Thailand is known for their Tom Yum, and who is better than the Thai food experts to try and make this a success?

On 2 Oct 2019, Tuk Tuk Cha uploaded this post on their Facebook page.

They promise a horrifying dish to celebrate Halloween this year.

“Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID.”

I don’t know about you but just the idea of this dish is pretty scary itself.

This dish can be found at all Tuk Tuk Cha outlets.

Don’t Say Bojio: Try This & You Might Just Win $30 Tuk Tuk Cha Vouchers

But if you’re brave enough to down this dish, there’s a reward at the end of the tunnel for you.

A chance to win a $30 voucher from Tuk Tuk Cha.

Here’s how you can join the contest:

  1. Purchase a Signature Tom Yum and request to change the base to Boba Pearls.
  2. Post your creative photo of Tom Yum with Boba Pearls on your social media.
  3. Tag “Tuk Tuk Cha” in the photo and mention us in your caption!*

The contest will end at the end of the month on 31 Oct 2019 at 11.59pm, so make sure you fast-hand-fast-leg, okay?

Tuk Tuk Cha didn’t specify how many winners they’ll have for the contest but one thing for sure: the more creative you are with your photo and caption, the higher your chance of winning.


Your Facebook account must be set to public so that they can view your post.

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