Turns out UberFLASH is Really Much Better Than UberX


When the word Uber appears on your News Feed, you’re going to want to click on it, no matter what.

Because most of the time, it’s some new promo code for customers to use. And you know you got to be fast because the promo keeps getting fully redeemed.

But not this time. Although it might be something even better than promo codes.

Way, way better.

UberFLASH, Uber’s New Service That Includes Taxis Is Finally Here

If you’ve not heard of the exciting alliance between ComfortDelgro and Uber before (where have you been?!), they’ve finally done it.

Launched on 19 Jan 2018 (today) at 6AM, one of our staff tried it out for himself.

Image: tnp.sg

Similar to Grab’s JustGrab (which was launched 10 months ago), UberFlash offers both ComfortDelgro taxis and UberX cars to customers.

Could this be a revival of the ComfortDelgro taxis in Singapore? Yes, but on Uber’s terms.


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UberFlash is cheaper than flag down taxi-meter rates.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Refer above for the breakdown of metered fare if you flag down a taxi at the roadside.

Compared to the cheapest on the table, UberFLASH starts at a base fare of $3, and a distance fare of $0.45 per kilometre. Still cheaper by far.

But there’s a catch.

ComfortDelgro taxis on UberFLASH operates under the surge pricing scheme. So if there’s low supply and high demand, be prepared to see the multiplier adding up the numbers.

Like this.




For your info, a typical trip for that distance on UberX usually costs $8 or so.

What Can You Expect From UberFLASH?

Now, here’s what you’re waiting for.

What’s in it for you?

First, it’s cheaper.

By 5-10%, according to Uber. One of the serial Uber takers in our office went to check it out on their app and it seems pretty legit.

For this instance, it’s 6.2% cheaper.


Secondly, it’s faster.

Uber has a fleet of about 14,000 cars, and ComfortDelgro brings 13,695 taxis under the Comfort and CityCab brands to the table.

That’s almost double the supply, provided the taxi drivers all sign up for the service lah.

Yes, that’s good news for Uber indeed. If you’ve taken Uber often enough, you’d realise that the waiting time for Uber rides has increased by quite a bit over the years.

A colleague in the office (yes, the same serial Uber taker) reported that he waited for his car a mere 4 minutes today, compared to the usual 8 minutes.

But then again, that could be because of the traffic conditions on the road, so we have no idea if it was due to UberFLASH or just pure coincidence.


I’ll repeat this because some of the people in the office are still pretty confused: UberFLASH will either send a ComfortDelgro taxi or an UberX car along your way to pick you up.

And Uber is pretty confident that this new service is here to stay.

At least “5-10 years and beyond”, according to Uber’s Asia-Pacific chief business officer Brooks Entwistle.

So, that’s UberFLASH in a nutshell for you, and it’s really cheaper than UberX.

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